Ask the Expert: Why Are Flu Cases on the Rise?

Ask the Expert: Why Are Flu Cases on the Rise?

Stephen Blatt MD, president of Good Samaritan Hospital’s Medical/Dental Staff and TriHealth’s medical director for Infectious Disease, speaks with Local 12’s Liz Bonis about why flu cases are up this year and how to reduce the spread.

Flu Cases on the Rise This Year

“The flu has started much earlier this year, and it’s much more severe than it was last year,” Dr. Blatt explains.

Tracking charts from the Hamilton County Health Department show that everything from pharmacy visits for items like thermometers to hospitalizations, are up significantly compared to last year at this time.

The Flu: How to Reduce the Spread

Generally, what differentiates the flu from other viruses is that symptoms come on suddenly and they tend to linger longer.  Reduce the spread of the flu by:

  • Staying at home if you’re sick
  • Washing your hands frequently
  • Getting the flu vaccine. This year’s strains do appear to be covered by it.

Learn more about the flu in the Health Library:

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