Bethesda Oak Pharmacy Grows from 50 Daily Prescription Refills to Nearly 300 (Video)

When TriHealth made the tough decision to end one of its programs for older adults, the system worked to help those participants transition to similar forms of care in the most seamless way possible.

It took teamwork; it took flexibility. And, that’s the MO pharmacist Gail Lunsford RPh. adopted when she and her team at the Bethesda Oak Apothecary stepped in to help.

Gail and her team used to fill between 50 to 100 prescriptions a day. Now, they’re up to anywhere from 100 to 300 a day.

Seamless Care: Same Pharmacist, Same Technician

The goal was to make the transition as seamless as possible, which is why the Bethesda Oak pharmacy brought over the pharmacist and technician. This means the patients get to talk to the same people they’ve always talked to. 

Additionally, Gail and her team strive to make the pharmacy experience as personalized as possible. They have a list of whose prescriptions go out when and, then, they call to notify each patient. “We actually know who our patients are and when their medicines are supposed to go out. Our mission is to make health care better. We want our patients to get as much as they can out of their health care, and, it’s family. We care,” she smiles.

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Last Updated: October 3, 2016