Care With Convenience: Get an Electronic Appointment Through MyChart Today

Care With Convenience: Get an Electronic Appointment Through MyChart Today

On any given weekday, Rebecca Ziegenhardt’s house is full of children – and not just the five that call her “mom.”

Ziegenhardt runs a home daycare, a labor of love that means a short commute to work. But her charges need her to be there everysingleday, and taking time off for things like a doctor’s appointment can cause a serious headache.

That’s why Ziegenhardt credits a new TriHealth service with simplifying her life recently, when she came down with an upper respiratory infection. “I would have had to make arrangements to have either my husband be home, or try to get an alternate sitter,” Ziegenhardt said. But not this time.

Dr. Betsy Peerless, Ziegenhardt’s provider, was more than willing to “meet” the work-at-home mom via an email-based appointment through MyChart. This E-Visit allowed Ziegenhardt to sit on her couch with her computer and explain her symptoms, receive self-care advice and get a prescription from Dr. Peerless without interrupting work or her busy life.

E-Visits offer a convenient, affordable and secure way for certain MyChart users to receive medical care for non-emergency health concerns, and now they’re available to all TriHealth patients living in Ohio aged 18 years and older. E-Visits cover 10 different conditions, from back pain to diarrhea to common flu symptoms.

Ziegenhardt has already used E-Visits twice and has recommended them to her friends and family. For her, “it’s a lot easier than making an appointment.” But having five germ-covered kids of her own, Ziegenhardt admits that life would be easier if children were eligible for E-Visits, too. 

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