Learn How to Cure BPPV Dizziness

Learn How to Cure BPPV Dizziness

Thomas A. Tami MD, of Group Health, answers a Local 12 viewer question on how to cure BPPV dizziness.

What is BPPV Dizziness?

"That stands for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo," Dr. Tami tells Local 12's Liz Bonis. "It's a particular type of vertigo that we think is caused by these little calcium carbonated crystals in your inner ear that get into the wrong place."

How YouTube May Help Cure BPPV

Normally doctors show their patients, at the office, how to perform epley maneuvers, which are repositioning maneuvers that can move the small piece of bone-like calcium that is floating inside your inner ear (learn more). However, now people can find similar information online through YouTube video demonstrations.

"I think that if you knew how to do it and if you're doing the right thing, there's no reason that you couldn't follow a YouTube instruction," he explains. "If that was the type of vertigo you had, it would be helpful."

When to See Your Doctor

But, Dr. Tami warns that relying on online instructional videos may be dangerous. "If this is not the cause of your dizziness or vertigo, it will not cure it, so if you try these and they don't work, don't delay. Get some hands-on medical care."

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