Robotic Surgery Gets John on His Feet Faster After Hernia

Robotic Surgery Gets John on His Feet Faster After Hernia

When John Hunter woke up from a 2-hour nap in his recliner at home after his robotic hernia surgery, he felt so good he went out and walked his driveway a few times. “The first day I felt amazing, he says.” This was a completely different experience than the one he’d had just 11 months before with a hernia surgery on the other side, which was not robotic.

“The first (non-robotic) time,” says John, “I couldn’t get up from my chair without help. I had to go to the floor and then use a walker just to push myself up.”

Stuart Donovan MD, the surgeon who performed John’s surgeries, is not surprised by his experience. “With the advancements in robotic surgery, patients benefit from smaller incisions, less pain and a speedier recovery,” says Dr. Donovan.

But, it’s not just the technology that makes a quality hernia program. It takes expertise in complex procedures to be able to provide patients with options based on their situation. The TriHealth Hernia Center offers the full spectrum of surgical options – traditional open, laparoscopic and robotic hernia repair. “We tailor the type of procedure to each situation/condition to achieve great outcomes for patients.”

John is pleased with his outcome. He had known something wasn’t right for a while. But, it was when he lifted a bag of mulch that his condition became evident. His primary care physician concurred and referred him to Dr. Donovan. TriHealth’s surgical program is known as the area leader in complex abdominal surgeries and leading-edge minimally invasive surgical repairs.

“I’ve told others I know who have hernias to ask for robotic surgery,” John says emphatically. It’s endorsements like this and the strength of the skilled surgeons in everything from routine to complex hernia cases that make TriHealth’s Hernia Center the best option for patients.

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