Toddler Born at Good Samaritan Hospital May be the Youngest Inventor

Toddler Born at Good Samaritan Hospital May be the Youngest Inventor

An 18-month-old boy from Amelia, OH may be the youngest inventor to patent a product. His parents credit his neonatal care team at Good Samaritan Hospital for giving him a chance at life, when he was born prematurely, weighing less than three pounds. “This is a time period when they should have been inside their mother,” explains Amy Nathan MD, a neonatologist at Good Samaritan Hospital.

Is Ellijah the Littlest Inventor?

Ellijah and his parents recently returned to Good Samaritan Hospital to visit his neonatal intensive care unit to share how far he's come. Not only is his health thriving, but he also may be the “littlest inventor.”

About six months ago, Ellijah was playing at home, while holding a sippy cup in one hand and a snack cup in the other. He decided to place the straw of his sippy cup into and through his bowl, and then, into his drink, so he could hold both his snack and drink at the same time. “I thought, ‘that’s a really fantastic idea, buddy,’” his dad tells Local 12's Liz Bonis.

His creation that day is now the prototype of the "Kidoozle," or the "Sipper Snacker." Ellijah’s name is on the patent, making him, possibly, the youngest person ever put on a patent application.

Ellijah's parents are so grateful for and inspired by his care team at Good Samaritan, that as soon as the "Sipper Snacker" is on the market, they plan to donate proceeds to a special fund that helps other families who have children born prematurely.


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Last Updated: September 10, 2013