Triumph: Be the Person Who Makes a Difference Today (Video)

Triumph: Be the Person Who Makes a Difference Today (Video)

The video above features moments of triumph that happen daily at TriHealth.

Every moment of every day is a chance to change someone's life.

We know moments of triumph happen at TriHealth every day, and our caregivers and patients together, make those victories possible. It especially takes motivated patients, working toward better health, to make these moments come alive.

Our newest brand campaign, Together We Triumph, emphasizes these moments and the fact that together, we make a difference.

Read Triumph Stories:


Jonathan Blue
Jonathan walks up and down stairs with ease.


Donald Landrum
Donald has been cancer-free for 5 years.
Julie-Randolph-200x Julie Randolph
Despite breast cancer, Julie works full time.
Sean McGary Sean McGary
Sean rocks out on stage without drinking.

Now, It's Your Turn: Share Your Moments of Triumph

A moment of triumph can be anything big or small. It's about people taking steps to live better. Celebrate your moments of triumph through social media with the hashtag #WeTriumph.

What are Examples of Moments of Triumph?

  • A patient leaving the& Women's Services Van after getting an annual mammogram.
  • A long-term care patient heading home.
  • A mother learning the gender of her baby.
  • Patients getting their stiches or casts removed.
  • A cancer patient getting his or her last chemo treatment.
  • A child's first drink after a tonsillectomy.
  • A patient getting his grip back after hand surgery.
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