Unbearable Abcess Pain Lands Mike in Emergency Room

Unbearable Abcess Pain Lands Mike in Emergency Room

Mike "Gabby" Gabbard had put off the inevitable long enough when an unbearably painful abscess and a sleepless night lead him to Good Samaritan Medical Center - Western Ridge at 2 a.m. last March.

Gabby currently works for TriHealth Patient Transport Services, and has been a paramedic in the Cincinnati area for 26 years, so he's familiar with many of the emergency departments in the Tri-State. "I knew Western Ridge — even living in Norwood — was the new facility . . . so I thought, 'I'll just go there.'"

Gabby knew he made the right choice the second he crossed the threshold of Western Ridge. He was greeted by a smiling receptionist, and almost immediately, Dr. Metzger began evaluating his abscess, while a nurse gathered supplies. Dr. Metzger lanced it, prescribed Gabby an antibiotic to leave with, and the nurse had finished dressing the lesion — all within a matter of minutes. "The friendliness of the staff and their willingness to work together as a team — I was noticing that. It wasn't just one person, they worked together . . . and that's what sped up the whole time process," Gabby says.

Customer service is what makes Western Ridge stand out, Gabby says. In fact, he describes the whole experience as "overwhelming." He reflects, "The staff was friendly and the timing was unbelievable. From the time I walked in the front door, to the time I was walking out was 25 minutes."

"It's a beautiful facility. And they've done a great job with the staff that they've hired, continuing to make sure that it's a lighthouse on the West Side, so people don't have to go all the way downtown for care."

He's grateful for the personalized and speedy care he received that night and doesn't hesitate to share his experience with others. "I constantly tell people, 'It's close for you, they've got great staff up there, and you're going to get the same care. There's no difference in care from Western Ridge or the Good Sam ER. It's the same.'"

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Last Updated: February 26, 2015