TriHealth, The Urology Group Expand Comprehensive Service Agreement

April 9, 2018

TriHealth and Urology GroupTriHealth and The Urology Group announced they are expanding on their nearly three-year-old collaboration with TriHealth investing a 15 percent stake in The Urology Group’s Urology Center, the nation’s largest independently operated urology-dedicated out-patient surgery center.

In August 2015, TriHealth and The Urology Group announced an agreement to provide urological services to patients throughout the TriHealth system.  In addition to providing comprehensive urology services coverage at that time, The Urology Group began working more closely with TriHealth to enhance the quality and coordination of urology services throughout the health system.

“This agreement affords our urology patients the benefits of staying within the TriHealth network and having access to expert urologic care at a conveniently located facility,” said TriHealth President and CEO Mark C. Clement. “It is all part of our strategy to get healthcare right for our community by providing the right care at the right place and at the right price.”

“We are delighted to collaborate with TriHealth in providing these comprehensive services,” said Dr. Gary M. Kirsh, president of The Urology Group. “This is an opportunity for more patients, men and women, to benefit from our 20-year history of deep specialization in treating urological conditions, our advanced care resources and our expertise.”

Services provided under the collaboration extend to the following TriHealth locations: Bethesda North Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, Bethesda Butler Hospital, TriHealth Evendale Hospital, TriHealth Surgery Center West, McCullough-Hyde Medical Center.

By working more closely together as we do with other independent groups both TriHealth and The Urology Group will be united in focusing on improving the quality, efficiency, effectiveness and coordination of urology services across the system, providing better monitoring of the quality of care rendered to patients based on national benchmarks, creating new urological surgical programs at TriHealth and leading TriHealth’s further advancement in the minimally invasive and robotic surgery programs.

Last Updated: April 9, 2018