Hip Surgery Gets George Back on His Feet, Pain Free

When George Moore’s hip pain got to the point that he couldn’t dance with his wife, he decided to ask his doctor for help.

The pain started about five years before that and progressively worsened.

“The pain got in the way of my normal activities,” George says. “I used to play sports growing up – football, baseball and basketball – and was always active. I also love to dance with my wife.” But all of these things became impossible because of his left hip. It got to the point where he would lay down on the floor for long periods and wait until the pain went away.

But, George ignored it, knowing he would likely have to undergo surgery. Finally, at his 70th birthday in June, friends and family urged him to see a doctor about his hip.

George consulted with his primary care physician, Nolan Weinberg MD of Queen City Physicians – Madeira, who recommended that he see an orthopedic surgeon Arnold R. Penix MD of TriHealth Orthopedic and Sports Institute.

Surgery was recommended after trying to relive the pain with medication.  

“The medication didn’t really work for me, so I went ahead with the hip replacement surgery. The care I received at Bethesda North Hospital was outstanding. The doctors and nurses were fantastic,” George says.

After months of rehab, how’s he feeling today? “I’m not quite back to dancing, but I’m close. I’d advise anyone having hip pain to get it done. Don’t wait.”

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Last Updated: October 08, 2015