2 Things You Should Be Doing To Prepare For Zika

2 Things You Should Be Doing To Prepare For Zika

In the midst of international discussions about the ever-growing Zika virus, Dr. Steve Blatt, medical director of TriHealth Infectious Disease, offers tips to Tri-State residents for avoiding mosquitoes this summer.

“We do have mosquitoes in this area that potentially could spread the virus,” Dr. Blatt explains – reinforcing the likelihood that Zika could spread to Ohio over the summer months.

Zika has become a household name since last year, when the incidence of the virus increased dramatically in Brazil. Spread by mosquitoes, the virus is typically mild or undetectable in healthy people. However, it has been linked to severe birth defects in children whose mother contracted the virus when she was pregnant. Researchers are not sure where it is spreading, but it’s widely assumed it will continue to spread across the world.

With Olympics around the corner, there is also the possibility that an infected athlete could return to the United States and be bitten by a mosquito here. Blatt says this is just another possibility for the virus to make its way to the Greater Cincinnati region.

When it comes to a timeline for expecting mosquitoes infected with the virus to reach the United States, there is no clear answer. However, there are important things you can be doing to protect yourself ahead of time.

2 Things You Should Do To Avoid Mosquito Bites

#1: Keep any sources of water around your home emptied out – this will prevent mosquitoes from being able to breed.

#2:Use mosquito repellent, especially if you plan to be outside during the evening.

Dr. Blatt says a blood and urine test may also be available for travelers coming back to the United States from a Zika endemic area who display symptoms of the virus, like fever or rash. Otherwise, testing for Zika in patients is only recommended for those who are already pregnant.

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Last Updated: May 21, 2016