5 Small Steps to Reduce Stress

5 Small Steps to Reduce Stress

Often in our busy, fast-paced lives, making large changes to reduce stress can seem more overwhelming than helpful. So, why not start small with one of these five suggestions?

    Tip #1: Take a Technology Break

    Turn off your electronics ­ cell phones, tablets, televisions ­ and just relax. Enjoy the peaceful quiet.

    Tip #2: Breathe Deeply

    Breathe in through your nose and count to seven. Hold that breathe for seven more counts. Breathe out through your mouth another seven seconds. You can do this anytime, anywhere as an effective calming technique.

    Tip #3: Share a Hug

    Give your spouse, partner, child or friend a hug. The physical contact and positive interaction can provide an emotional boost.

    Tip #4: Prepare for Tomorrow

    Take 5-10 minutes the night before to prepare lunches, organize work items, ready your clothes for the next day, etc. All of these things can help result in a more peaceful morning and a better start to your day.

    Tip #5: Go Outdoors

    Spend time outside. Enjoying the fresh air can promote a positive perspective.
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