One Day for a Lifetime of Health

“If I could change one thing, it would be to have gone sooner,” says Patricia Hartsfield-Davis, Senior Vice President and Compliance Director at Fifth Third Bank. She’s referring to her daylong visit with TriHealth Executive Health. “I haven’t experienced anything like this type of medical care ever,” she added.

TriHealth Executive Health allows companies to provide their leadership teams with an exceptional program of medical and wellness care, helping to en- sure that top performers are at their best. “It’s a way for executives to take a single day and really prioritize their own health,” says Lisa Larkin, M.D., an executive-health physician who is board certified in internal medicine.

The day consists of a comprehensive evaluation, including bloodwork, mammog- raphy, vision screening, fitness coaching, nutrition counseling and in-depth consulta- tions with various specialists, all tailored to the needs of the individual. The executive is guided through the day by a personal coordinator, served well-balanced meals, and given specific recommendations. Ongoing care is coordinated with the executive’s primary care physician.

A New Focus on Women's Health

The program is for both men and women, though it recently added a focus on women’s health. With the addition of Dr. Larkin, a nationally recognized advocate for women’s health and a certified meno- pause clinician, female patients undergo reviews of breast health, bone health, sexual health, hormone management and menopause.

Describing her day with the TriHealth program, Patricia says: “On the day itself, I felt really cared for. You don’t have to worry about any logistics because you’re escorted the entire time.”

What she most appreciated was the program’s holistic approach, from heart- health evaluation and bone-density screening to softer topics that don’t often come up during a medical appointment. “The day includes talking about lifestyle, stress, nutrition, exercise, home life and future retirement,” says Patricia. “It’s not about the ailment du jour. You really talk about what is your life, not just what is your health.”

Dr. Larkin explains what makes the TriHealth program so strong: “We give really specific recommendations going forward,” she says. “Patients leave at the end of the day with a very comprehensive assessment on multiple different domains, and very specific recommendations tailored to them that they can implement.”

As for Patricia, she says the program is a testament to an employer’s investment in its executives. She encourages everyone who has the opportunity to participate to do so. In her case, Dr. Larkin suggested a number of changes that initially did not appear to be connected, but fewer than three months after implementing some of Dr. Larkin’s suggestions, Patricia says she already sees results. “I feel better,” she says. “Dr. Larkin provided me with good information and sound advice.”

Keeping Leaders Healthy

Dr. Larkin really enjoys being a part of TriHealth Executive Health. “The great thing for me as a clinician is being able to spend a long time with my patients. I’m in the room with each one for two to  two-and-a-half hours. That’s a long time, and in no other circumstance in my professional career do I ever get that much time with a patient,” she says.

The TriHealth Executive Health pro- gram allows companies to show their executives how important they are to the business, and to demonstrate that strong, healthy leaders create strong, successful companies. Of her opportunity to change people’s lives one by one, Dr. Larkin says: “Hopefully I will impact an individual’s health and well-being going forward, and I really take great pride in that.”

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Last Updated: September 21, 2017