A Winning Winter Attitude: Staying Positive in the Winter

A Winning Winter Attitude: Staying Positive in the Winter

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, there can be a letdown. It is colder, the days are shorter and we tend to be more isolated with no holiday gatherings and other activities to keep us busy. Sometimes it is easier to let the “blues” take over. This year, make a decision to find ways to make winter time fun and productive. Follow these tips for staying positive this winter.

#1: Make the Best of It

Look for ways to continue to be active in the winter and get outside and enjoy it. Try something new, like ice skating outside, snow skiing or snow tubing, or taking a walk in the snow.

#2: Take up a New Hobby

Find something you have been interested in and take time to investigate it more. Do something creative, for example, knit, paint or take an art class. Try photography or take a drive to capture the beauty that winter brings.

#3: Stay Active

Even if you would rather not be outside, you can still be active. Use indoor exercise options. For example, go to the gym, use the treadmill that has been collecting dust, take up rock climbing with an indoor climbing wall or walk at the mall. If you really need to get warm, try something new, like hot yoga – and feel the burn!

#4: Organize

Winter can be a wonderful time to tackle those indoor projects that get put off when the weather is nice. Clean out a closet or your basement, and donate used items to a charity. Get your home office or workspace in order so you are ready for tax season. Get the year’s photos together and make a new photo album or organize your photos on the computer. Do things you do not want to do when the summer sun is calling us to go outside. 

#5: Plan

Plan for the spring and think about what you want to grow in your garden or in your yard, or consider what cleaning or remodeling projects you might want to do. Think about summer and/or vacation and how you want to spend that time. 

#6: Keep in Touch

Winter is a great time to connect with friends and family, near and far. For those close to home, have a family night and play games, watch a movie, pop popcorn and enjoy each other’s company. Sit around the fire and share stories and reminisce. When friends and family are farther away, take time to write letters or call. It can be such a positive boost to our spirits to touch base with those we love.

#7: Nurture Yourself

There is no better excuse to read a book or complete that crossword puzzle than when it is too cold to be outside. Check out a TV series you have wanted to watch from the library. Bake a batch of cookies. Build a fire, wrap up and just watch the snow fall. It can be such a gift to have that time for ourselves and our family.

#8: Appreciate

Appreciate the quiet, the peace and the restful state that comes after the holidays are over. It is in our nature to “hibernate” during the winter.  See it as a time to reflect, be still and relax.

#9: Eat Well

Winter is a great time to try new recipes and the best time for crockpot meals. Try a new stew or soup. There are wonderful low-fat, healthy recipes online or at your local library. Look for crock pot recipes that allow you to return home to the cozy smell of a home cooked meal.

Healthy Recipes:


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