Aches and Pains Encourage Diana to Embrace a 'Move or Die' Mentality

Aches and Pains Encourage Diana to Embrace a 'Move or Die' Mentality

Diana Doll has been through it all! Not really, but for this Cincinnati native, keeping her knees, hips and back functioning well has been a tall order at times.

Diana first started coming to the TriHealth Pavilion in 2000 when she started physical and occupational therapy to help with aches and pains in her knees and back. 

"I was always a hard worker, taking care of three kids and managing our household, but I wasn't really an exerciser. When I started therapy, I realized I had been doing everything wrong – how I loaded the laundry, even how I walked! I told my therapist to teach me how to help myself," she recalls. 

Diana retired in 2006 and was looking forward to spending more time at her oceanfront condo. But on the 12-hour southbound drive, Diana sustained three herniated discs. "I was in therapy for five weeks before my foot stopped working. I had back surgery three days later." 

"The doctor told me to stay in the pool and walk," she notes. "I began working with Tracy Littelmann to recover and gain strength. I thought, 'For me to function the way I want to, I need to be here doing what I'm doing.'" 

Following back surgery, Diana began experiencing severe migraines as a result of collapsed neck vertebrae and was back in the operating room just two years later. Then, in 2011, she again began therapy with Bob Ragusa due to severe pain. Eventually, it was determined that she needed a hip replacement, but because of her established exercise regimen and determined spirit, Diana was out playing golf three months later.  

Just seven weeks ago, Diana had the other hip replaced. "I didn't wait for this one to get as bad," she says.  "I went to Evendale Hospital – what a wonderful place! I felt like a queen." 

"My goal is just to keep on moving. Move or die!" says Diana. And move she does. In addition to her fitness commitment, she manages the rental of her Gulf Shores condo and is reveling in a bountiful family life. "I have so much to be thankful for. My husband and I just celebrated 50 years of marriage and my children and grandchildren are such a joy to me," Diana beams. 

"There are times when I get down, but I'm just a naturally positive person. I have a strong faith in God and trust he will guide the doctors to keep me healthy for as long as possible." 

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Last Updated: June 10, 2014