Arrow Springs Logistics Tech Shares her Top 5 Weight-Loss Tips

Arrow Springs Logistics Tech Shares her Top 5 Weight-Loss Tips

Linda Schleehauf, logistics lead tech at Bethesda Arrow Springs, knows there’s no easy button for losing weight. So in late 2011 she decided to make healthy lifestyle changes – and they’ve paid off.

While she's not a licensed medical professional, she is 75 pounds lighter, so she's sharing a few tips that helped her safely shed unwanted pounds.

#1: Ditch Processed Foods for Whole Foods

“I had to learn to get away from pre-packaged foods,” Linda explains. “I hate to cook, but I had to learn how to make things and freeze them – just so I wasn’t always eating fast food.”

Her go-to produce is fresh fruit, like apples, grapes and strawberries. She aims to eat what’s in season, because it gives her fresh options, so she’s not eating the same foods every day.

#2: Incorporate Exercise Whenever You Get the Chance

As a logistics tech, Linda’s day-to-day job routine involves a lot of running around and lifting boxes as she’s ordering, receiving and stocking supplies, but she tries to fit in exercise other ways, too. She takes the stairs when she has the option and if she has a break, she’ll take a few laps around the pond that sits behind Arrow Springs.

Linda also loves taking classes (held in a conference room) at Arrow Springs after work. The class schedule includes "Yogalates" (a combination of yoga and Pilates) twice a week and "Cardio Core and More" once a week.

  • Note: These classes are open to the public for $15 per month. Learn more.

#3: She Provides Healthy Alternatives during Potlucks

If Linda’s department, for example, is having a potluck, she’ll bring her own healthy dish to share so she knows there will be at least one healthy alternative.

When it comes to maintaining self-control in terms of portion sizes, Linda focuses on eating the foods she really wants, instead of sampling everything. She started Weight Watchers at Work, through TriHealth LifeStyles, a few years ago, so each food she eats is valued at a certain number of points. “Sometimes they’ll (her co-workers) bring in cookies. [Weight Watchers] tells you to figure, like, two points per cookie … so I’m only going to pick out the cookie I like best,” she explains. “I’m not going to sample every cookie.”

#4: Hold Yourself Accountable

For Linda, the accountability associated with Weight Watchers is one of the reasons she initially joined. She figured, if she was paying money to be part of it, she’d be more likely to stick with it.

Similarly, attending the group meetings help keep her on track. “I know a lot of people do it online, but I don’t think I’d be as strict about it,” she adds.

#5: Avoid Mindless Eating

Linda used to read a book or watch television while munching on a bag of chips – and she’d end up over-indulging in a food that was essentially empty calories. Now, she’s more intentional about her eating habits. Her favorite go-to snacks are celery or carrots with hummus, plain Greek yogurt topped with fruit, and almonds.

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Last Updated: September 25, 2014