Attention, Men: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late to See Your Doctor

Attention, Men: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late to See Your Doctor

There are many reasons for it, but a large percentage of men don’t go to the doctor until they face an emergency situation.

Donald Clark, MD with TriHealth’s Health First in Loveland says fear plays into it for some.

“Many men don’t come to the doctor because they’ve heard horror stories about being examined rectally and about colonoscopies,” says Dr. Clark. “We don’t always do that anymore.”

Dr. Clark says at the very least, men should see their primary care doctor for an annual physical.

“Men in their 40s and 50s often miss the opportunity to get screened for colon cancer and have a discussion about screening for prostate cancer,” explains Dr. Clark.

Help the Man in Your Life

If the man in your life is hesitant to go to the doctor, you may be able to sway his decision.

“Men often put off routine physicals and preventative care until their significant others encourage them to use it,” says Dr. Clark.

Dr. Clark says women are more likely to have their maintenance needs met than men.

If you are scheduling your preventative care, remind him that he needs to do the same.

Also, remind him of the things more important in life than him, and other people who may be dependent on his health. Annual physicals are also covered by most insurance plans.

Dr. Clark thinks these routine physicals are a good way to start a conversation between a patient and their doctor.

“It helps us understand where you come from and what your needs are instead of having to explain all of that when you are having a health crisis,” explains Dr. Clark.

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