Depressed? Try Acupuncture

Depressed? Try Acupuncture

Stress, stress and more stress. We all have it, but when that stress leads to anxiety and depression, then it's time to take action.

Diane Kloecker, LOM, MSOM, Dipl. OM, practices acupuncture at the TriHealth Integrative Health & Medicine Center where she sees many patients struggling with both depression and anxiety. While most of her patients are receiving some other sort of psychotherapy or medication therapy, many are still looking for a better quality of life.

“Although western interventions can be very helpful, patients may benefit from acupuncture if their quality of life is not where they want it to be,” Kloecker says.

Acupuncture Releases Serotonin and Endorphins

Acupuncture restores balance to both the body and the mind by releasing serotonin and endorphins into the brain, positively impacting mental health. Acupuncture also slows the sympathetic nervous system, which helps people cope with stress.

Kloecker says there are many acupoints that are considered 'spirit points' throughout the body, six of which are frequently focused on in patients dealing with anxiety or depression. “Patients will have certain ‘spirit points’ in common," Kloecker says. "But treatment will differ based on specific mental health complaints and personal history.”

Kloecker urges her patients to put in the time necessary to gain personal balance, whether through acupuncture, yoga or other therapies. “Good mental health is an acquired skill; it doesn’t just happen," she says.

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