It's Not too Late to Get Your Flu Shot

It's Not too Late to Get Your Flu Shot

Matt Birkle MD, an emergency medicine specialist at TriHealth Priority Care – Glenway, discusses the importance of getting a flu shot early with Local 12's Liz Bonis during an Ask the Expert Segment.

Get Your Flu Shot Early:

While there have yet to be any major flu outbreaks reported for this year, it’s important to get your vaccination prior to the season, preferably in October according to the CDC. While October has come and gone, there is still time to get your flu shot and build up immunity before an outbreak.

Flu Prevention: What Can I Do?

Frequent hand washing and staying away from those who are sick can help reduce your risk of catching the flu. But Dr. Birkle admits, "The flu vaccination is the best way to protect yourself and to prevent you from carrying it to your loved ones or someone around you." The vaccine is recommended for all healthy people six months and older, and an annual shot is necessary. 

A nasal mist is also available which provides the same protection as the shot. If you get your flu vaccination now, you will be protected through the entire flu season, which usually lasts through March.

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