National Ballet Dancer Gets Back into Fitness at the TriHealth Pavilion

National Ballet Dancer Gets Back into Fitness at the TriHealth Pavilion

Tania Moore-Stojanovic has been entrenched in health and fitness for most of her life, dancing with the National Ballet of Canada for 15 years as a child and young woman, and also modeling her way through high school and college. Originally from Toronto, she and her Serbian-born husband, Marko, lived in Belgium for three years prior to relocating to Cincinnati for Marko's career with Procter & Gamble.  

Tania joined the Pavilion in December of 2004 because she had kids in her 30s and started to drift from her fitness routine. "I liked coming here initially because I could bring my kids to the Kids' Life Center and feel good about the care," Tania says.  "I also struggle with serious allergies, so I like the indoor track and the natural light."

Tania trains with Steve Francia, who helps her vary her routine. "Changing up workouts keeps it fun for me, and  I use a lot of the equipment.  Plus, weight training is important for women in their 40s and beyond," she says.

"Weight training has made me feel stronger and leaner, kept my bones healthy and dense, and boosts my immunity; I rarely get ill anymore."

Over the years, Tania has focused on eating properly, staying satiated with healthy proteins and full fats. "I've also always respected the importance of flexibility and see how important it is to aging gracefully and comfortably, which is why I do a full 20 minutes of yoga stretching after every workout," Tania notes.

Fitness is a family affair for the Stojanovics as well. Tania and Marko belong to the Pavilion, and their two children, Liam, 17, and Lorae, 15, stay active by weight training, running cross country, and cycling. "We also compete in mudathalons as a family.  Fitness is just a part of how our family operates," says Tania.

When other women have asked for Tania's secret to staying in shape, her answer has been: "Consistency, and trying to better myself a little at a time. My success comes from respecting my limits. What happens is that the limitations lesson over time. So, my goal is to double the weight I lift a year from now, not next week." She also manages to get to the Pavilion five times per week, despite also working as a Graduate Gemologist at Richter & Phillips Jewelers downtown.

Tania feels that with the help of the fitness staff, she continues to reach her goals. "I adore the fitness staff here. They are all fantastic, friendly, and willing to help out and suggest new exercises to keep me on track. I'm happy here all around."

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Last Updated: October 14, 2014