The Best Way to Lose Pregnancy Belly Fat

The Best Way to Lose Pregnancy Belly Fat

Losing the so-called mommy middle isn't impossible. It just takes and consistency and time, says Andrea Tumler, a group fitness instructor at the TriHealth Fitness and Health Pavilion.

Try Circuit Workouts for Weight Loss

Sarah Staffilino, who gave birth to her baby boy, David, just four months ago, is currently making losing excess abdominal weight one of her priorities. And, as the mom to Ari, Oliver and Sophia, she knows it takes work. “It’s a new normal, a new crazy,” Sarah tells Local 12’s Liz Bonis.

She's working toward her weight loss by taking “Recess,” a one-hour class at the TriHealth Pavilion, which involves a number of intense energizing circuits to improve the cardiovascular system and strengthen muscle tone.

“We do a lot of interval training, with cardiovascular moves – for a couple minutes – followed by strength training using weights,” Andrea Tumler, the class instructor, explains.

Why Mixing Up Your Workout is Effective

The class, held a few days a week, focuses on short, intense spurts of exercise. “I think interval training is best. So mixing cardio, strength training and a core workout all in one hour and just maximizing your time as much as you can,” Andrea explains. “As a mom, it’s very important.”

Sarah says this fitness concept has worked. She’s lost 33 of the 40 pounds she gained during pregnancy.

Research shows that starting with post-pregnancy weight loss early on is usually most effective in getting back to your pre-baby body. Some evidence shows that if a mom doesn’t lose the weight in that first year, sometimes she never does.

Building Core Strength: Be Patient

Overall, when it comes to building core strength, you need to be patient. Andrea says it takes a solid six to eight months to build up core strength.


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Last Updated: September 23, 2014