This Doctor Makes Healthy Choices – and Prescribes this Philosophy to Her Patients

This Doctor Makes Healthy Choices – and Prescribes this Philosophy to Her Patients

Tina Kummerle

Tina Kummerle, MD, was raised to make healthy eating choices, but admits she wasn’t much of a sports fanatic. When she gained weight during medical school, she decided to turn to a personal trainer for help. "I like working with trainers because they push me more, plus I hold myself more accountable," she says.

A Wedding's Around the Corner: Tina Gets Active

Tina and her then fiancé Kevin joined the TriHealth Fitness and Health Pavilion in 2010 when she relocated from Maryland after finishing medical school and residency. While planning her wedding, Tina decided once again to enlist the help of a personal trainer to get her looking her best for the big day. This time, she turned to Pavilion trainer Andy Waite. "I wanted to focus on my arms, but more than that, I just wanted to look and feel great."

While Tina’s wedding was two years ago, she has kept up her good habits, even adopting a cleaner eating regime for both she and her husband. "I decreased caffeine, cut soda and cut out all processed foods. I really wanted to do this as a family – setting the stage to make the best choices possible."

How Healthy Choices have Enhanced Other Aspects of Beth's Life

Tina also says she feels better and has an easier time managing the pressures of a high stress work environment; Tina is an emergency room physician. "While stress may be increasing at work, I don’t feel run down because of it."  

Being in an emergency room setting, her contact with patients is often briefer than with other medical disciplines. Even still, Tina is committed to delivering a consistent message of proper diet and nutrition.

"I believe in the Exercise is Medicine philosophy. Lifestyle changes do make a difference in disease prevention. If patients hear the same thing from all their medical providers, eventually we can impact behavior" she says. "Personally, it is important for me to live out what I’m telling my patients to do."

For Tina, practicing what she preaches includes the combination of personal training and better eating, which has helped her gain more muscle, while decreasing her BMI. Tina also keeps variety in her workouts as a motivating factor, trying various classes. "I enjoy working out at the Pavilion; it feels like a community."

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