TriHealth Weight Management Patient Shares 5 Tips for Weight-Loss Success

TriHealth Weight Management Patient Shares 5 Tips for Weight-Loss Success

Bonnie Fauver has been enjoying a steady weight-loss journey thanks, in part, to her team at TriHealth Weight Management, but will be the first to admit that it's not the easy way out. It takes dedication. 

“Bariatric surgery is a tool to continue losing weight,” she points out. “Very few people get right down to their goal weight. You still have to work at it."

#1: Fill Your Plate with Protein

Bonnie focuses more on nutrition – rather than exercise – to maintain her weight, because spine issues from injuries in the past make physical activity difficult and painful.

This means reaching for protein first, followed closely by vegetables and fruit. “Usually, if I follow that, then I’ll be full before I even get to the carbs and fats,” she points out.

#2: Journal Calorie Intake

Bonnie’s favorite way to keep track of her calories is through a mobile application, called “Lose It!” With this app, you enter your current weight, goal weight and how soon you want to become your goal weight (a healthy timeframe should be suggested by your doctor or a certified dietitian).

#3: Keep Healthy Snacks on Hand

“I love hummus. We also eat fat-free pudding, nuts, beans and rollups,” Bonnie says. “I’ll just roll up raw asparagus in chicken.” She also eats off a smaller plate to trick her mind. “I just read you should eat off a red plate because red means stop.”

#4: Eat What You Want, Just Don’t Overdo it

Bonnie notices that when she avoids her favorite treats, she ends up overindulging on other foods because she never gets the mental satisfaction of savoring what she truly wants. “If I see a piece of candy, I’ll have that chocolate covered cherry, and then I’m totally satisfied,” she explains. “Of course it’s high in sugar and fat, but I’m satisfied. I don’t keep grazing.”

#5: Try a “healthy” happy hour

Bonnie and her husband aim to enjoy a "healthy" happy hour together once a week. Instead of opting for alcohol, however, they split an appetizer and then go for a walk – whether it’s outside, through the mall, around downtown Cincinnati or at Union Terminal. “We recently downsized to a smaller condo, so it's really easy to sit and do nothing," she says. "It’s the excitement of going somewhere new!"

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