Crisis Response

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Crisis-ResponseFernside provides immediate and long-term support to schools following a death. We understand how important teachers, counselors and administrators are in the life of school children everywhere. Naturally, students look to these adults for support in a time of crisis.

Our Philosophy

Fernside's philosophy regarding crisis response reflects the significance of the relationship between student and school. An emphasis on educating and supporting administrators, faculty and staff is an important part of our crisis response programming.

We believe strongly that by educating and supporting you, we are leaving the students in the hands of trusted, familiar adults who are with them on a regular basis in the immediate and long-term future.

Crisis Response: How it Works

Before it happens:

  • Educational in-services for faculty/staff/administrators

Immediate support (within hours or days) includes:

  • Telephone consultation
  • Written materials
  • On-site support for faculty/staff
  • On-site support for students

Long-term support (weeks or months following the death) includes:

  • Follow-up consultation
  • Educational in-services for faculty/staff
  • Short-term grief support groups for students who continue to struggle with the death

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