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Volunteers are the heart of our program. We rely on them to provide quality services for every family that comes to Fernside. We are lucky to have the very best volunteers. Our volunteers tell us they receive as much from volunteering as they give.

Our volunteers come to us with a variety of backgrounds and life experiences. They are homemakers, teachers, mental health professionals, business professionals, students and retirees. Some, but not all, of our volunteers have experienced losses as children or adults. Most of all, they are caring individuals who understand the importance of providing support to grieving children and their parents/guardians. This is our only requirement in becoming a volunteer at Fernside.

Reflections from Fernside Volunteers

"Fernside is a beautiful place that works because of all the wonderful people who walk through its doors, along with all the wonderful people who hold those doors open." – M. Schneider

"I volunteer because I lost my mother when I was 13. I remember feeling very alone. Fernside helps children make connections with their peers so that they can do some of the difficult work of grief together." – S. Martin

"I work with very young children. I am impressed with their desire to make sense out of what has happened and with their freedom in talking about death." – V. Wevers

"There's no place like Fernside; anybody who's ever been there will tell you that. You might not think a place that deals with death and loss can be fun, but it definitely is." – B. Henry

"It is gratifying to see grieving parents feel comfortable sharing their tears, worries, hopes and even laughter with other group members." – W. Saunders

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