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TriHealth recognizes the dedication and hard work displayed by our nursing staff through a variety of awards and recognition programs. We are proud to celebrate their successes and appreciate their dedication and commitment to our patients and their families.

2019 Directors’ Excellence Award Winners

The nurse nominated for the Excellence in Nursing Award is a role model for professionalism among his/her peers by demonstrating the components of the Magnet Model:

  1. Structural Empowerment: Nominee should be developed, directed, and empowered to accomplish the Nursing Strategic Plan goals and be an active member of our Shared Decision-Making Structure. Other characteristics to consider would be involvement on a council, committee, or task force, membership in a professional organization, involvement with the community, and having an advanced degree and specialty certification.
  2. Exemplary Professional Practice: Nominee must positively impact nursing practice and must integrate our Professional Practice Model (Healing Environment, Safe and Reliable Care, Patient/Family-Centered Care, and Shared Decision-Making) in their delivery of outstanding direct patient care. Other characteristic to consider would be involvement in quality improvement projects, ability to demonstrate nursing autonomy, act as a teacher and mentor, advocate for patients and their families, and excel in interdisciplinary relationships.
  3. New Knowledge, Innovations & Improvements: Nominee should have an ethical and professional responsibility to contribute to patient care, the organization, and the profession in terms of new knowledge, innovations, and improvements. Other characteristics to consider would include involvement with research, evidenced based practice projects, new innovations, and dissemination of knowledge.
  4. Empirical Outcomes: The nominee must make a difference in clinical outcomes related to nursing. Other characteristic to consider would include implementation of a new process or standardizing of an existing process.
  • Jennifer Bohan
    RN, CEN
  • Melea Frazier
  • Vicki Groh
  • Cody Jackson
  • Kristine Klausing
  • Virginia Summe

University of Cincinnati College of Nursing Florence Nightingale Award

Jared Ashley
BSN, RN, CCRN               
The University of Cincinnati College of Nursing sponsors the Florence Nightingale Award. Each year, the Board of Advisors are given the task of naming just six individuals out of a pool of hundreds of Greater Cincinnati nurses who best exemplify excellent direct patient care to receive the Nightingale Award.

2019 Nursing Excellence Awards

Maryann Lancaster
Outstanding Advanced Practice Clinician Award – The Advanced Practice Clinician Award is given to an Advanced Practice Nurse who demonstrates collaborative professionalism that contributes to enhanced, superior patient care and outcomes. The nominee should demonstrate advancing nursing knowledge through participation in evidence-based practice, nursing research, conference presentations, professional organizations, and publications.
Jennifer Mollett
Partners in Practice Award – The Partner in Practice Award is given annually to an exceptional non-RN/LPN interprofessional team member in recognition of their positive impact and support of nursing care. The nominee must deliver excellent, high quality, patient-focused care in collaboration and partnership with nurses. Additionally, must serve as a role model to others.
Maico Baez
Rookie of the Year Award – The Rookie of the Year Award is given annually to a registered nurse of less than two years, who displays exemplary professionalism and a passion for the art and science of nursing. The nominee must demonstrate capabilities beyond their years of experience.
Stephanie Mackey
Preceptor/Clinical Coach of the Year Award – The Preceptor/Clinical Coach of the Year award is given annually to an exceptional direct care nurse in recognition of their contribution to nursing’s body of knowledge through formal education, skills training or continuing education, and who guides, supports, and influences the careers of others in a meaningful, measurable way. The nominee must role-model for the profession, maintain professional accountability by applying their own continued learning and addresses individualized learning needs when teaching and giving feedback.
Jennifer Conger
Exceptional Educator Award – The Exceptional Educator Award is given annually to recognize team members that currently work in an Educator role teaching others for a minimum of one year to be recognized for their commitment to continuously demonstrating specialty area expertise, education, and innovation. This Educator is also committed to meeting the learning needs of their team members/students. Manifesting the importance of lifelong learning by offering guidance to team members through evidence-based projects, research and quality improvement.
Jessica Brock
Nursing Clinical Support Award – This award is given to any registered nurse that works in a non-traditional registered nurse position. This team member exemplifies excellence in quality by ensuring that care is comprehensive, coordinated and monitored for effectiveness through data collection. Also exemplifies consultation by facilitating assessment, problem solving and/or decision making by patients, significant others, peers and other health care providers that ensures positive patient outcomes.
Stephany Woodward
Transformational Leader Award – The transformational leader award is dedicated to a team member that works in a nursing leadership position for a minimum of one year. This leader evolves their unit or organization to meet current and anticipated needs and strategic priorities. This team member is known and respected as a visionary, innovative leader, and change agent, who move the nursing profession forward.

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