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List of Online Videos and Learning Tools

Course Name Description

Accu-Chek Inform II Initial Training
Accu-Chek Inform II Demonstration
Accu-Chek Inform II Recertification  

The demonstration module is available for both the initial training and the recertification.

Adverse Drug Reactions  

This 32-minute video is a presentation on Adverse Drug Reactions by Cathy Rosenbaum, PharmD, MBA, RPh.

Alaris IV Module
Alaris PCA Module
Alaris ETCO2 Module
Alaris Interoperability
Alaris Completion Acknowledgement  


Assaultive/Aggressive Training Program  




Corporate Health, Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) Training.

Bed Mobility, Precautions & Transfers  

This 35-minute video is intended for all staff who work in Rehab. It reviews mobility and transfer techniques.

Bladder Scan BVI 3000 video  

This 10 minute video from Diagnostic Ultrasound provides instruction on how to use the BVI 3000 Bladder Scan used at TriHealth.

C-SRSS Assessment and Care of the Suicidal Patient (Patient Attendant) This course is designed to help update and inform patient attendants about suicide risk assessment using the C-SSRS
C-SRSS Assessment and Care of the Suicidal Patient (RN)    This course is designed to help update and inform RNs about suicide risk assessment using the C-SSRS
C-SRSS Assessment and Care of the Suicidal Patient (PCA)   This course is designed to help update and inform PCA's about suicide risk assessment using the C-SSRS

Body Mechanics  

Code Blue/Rapid Response/Condition Care  

This 35-minute video provides an overview of body mechanics and how to move patients. There is also a section specific to High Risk OB patients.

Code Blue/Rapid Response video  

Rapid Response and Code Blue processes at TriHealth.

Curlin PainSmart Epidural Pump video  

Overview of the use of this epidural pump.


A program to increase awareness of de-escalation skills that can be used in aggressive situations.

Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage (DPL)  

Video that demonstrates the procedure of a Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage in the Emergency Department.

Disaster Prep and Emergency Management (Hospice)  

This 18-minute video reviews information related to disasters (e.g. fire, tornado, evacuation, red plugs), introductory information related to the Emergency Management Plan, The Emergency Notification System, and the Hospice Command Center.

Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale, the C-SSRS Assessment and Care of the Suicidal Patient: Maternity Services RN This course includes information regarding the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale and the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale for TriHealth maternity services.

 EKOS Infusing System video  

This 20-minute video provides an inservice on the use of EKOS Ultrasound Accelerated Thrombosis Peripheral Infusion System.

 ENFit Enteral Feeding System This course is designed for all team members who administer enteral tube feedings and/or medications via tube feedings to our TriHealth inpatient population.

Epic Ambulatory E-Learning Modules  

  1. AMB001 – Office Visit Demonstration  
  2. AMB006 – Placing Orders  
  3. AMB017A – Basic Office Visit Workflow for a Physician  
  4. AMB017B – Basic Office Visit Workflow for a Nurse or MA  
  5. AMB019 – Multi-Problem Office Visit Workflow for Physician  
  6. AMB021 – Order Management  
  7. AMB050 – Surescripts – Payer  


Essentials of Cardiac Rhythm Recognition  

This course accompanies training through a Corporate Education Instructor led class. In order to receive credit for the course, you must print the completed test once you are finished. To begin the course, follow the on-screen instructions to get to the main screen.

EZ Huber  

This video addresses the user of the EZ Huber power injectable subcutaneous port needle. It should be used as preparation for the competency check off process.

FIM Instrument (IRF-PAI) Training Video  

This 1 hour and 10 minute instructional video reviews the use of the IRF-PAI, the FIM Instrument.

FIM Training  

  1. Tips for Taking the FIM Test  
  2. Locomotion  
  3. Communication & Social Cognition  
  4. Bowel/Bladder Management  

These videos are intended for Rehab staff preparing to take the FIM test.

Flex Pen for Novolog Insulin  

This is an instructional video on how to use the Flex Pen to administer Novolog Insulin. Video shows attaching pen needles, doing an "air shot', dialing up the correct dosage, and giving the injection.

Flexi-Seal Signal Video  

This 21 minute video is the instructional video for the Flexi-Seal Signal bowel management system.

GEM Ring Cutting System video  

Ring cutter used in the North Emergency Department at TriHealth.

Handling of Hazardous Drugs- Nursing This course is designed for nurses who deal with medications that may be hazardous to themselves and/or others.
Handling of Hazardous Drugs- Pharmacy This course is designed for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who deal with medications that may be hazardous to themselves and/or others.
HIM Release of PHI Procedure For better understanding of the procedure for releasing patient health information and guidelines for record requests.


HIPAA/Corporate Compliance eLearning  

HIPAA/Corporate Compliance eLearning
This module explains TriHealth's Corporate Compliance and HIPAA polices for new team members.

Hourly Rounding  


These videos are about hourly rounding by nursing personnel. 5T200 and the Rehab units at Bethesda North were involved in the project that resulted in these videos.

How to Empty a Colostomy or Ileostomy and Urostomy Pouch: Video     

Infection Prevention and Control Video  

This 20 minute video reviews the fundamentals of medical asepsis, precautions, and infection control measures. Presented by Toni Kamp, RN

Information Security: Awareness Training  

This 21-minute video reviews the current TriHealth policies and HIPAA laws around information security.

Injection Pen for Lantus Insulin instructional video  

This 20-minute video provides an overview of Lantus insulin, and includes injection instructions, how to adjust a dose, and safety information.

Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump (IABP)
Datascope CS300

  1. Introduction (2:15)
  2. Intellisense (1:11)
  3. Theory (1:54)
  4. System Overview (6:21)
  5. Initiating Therapy (7:00)
  6. Troubleshooting (25:20)

These video modules provide instruction on the use of the Datascope CS300 Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump.

Introduction to Email at TriHealth  

This course covers how to use email at TriHealth and is required before receiving an email account.

In addition to completing the course, you need manager approval to have your email account activated.  


  1. i-STAT Initial Training  
  2. i-STAT Initial Training Attestation Statement   
  3. i-Stat Recertification  
  4. i-STAT Proficiency Acknowledgment  

Complete i-STAT Initial Training and after completing the training with your super user come back and complete the I-STAT Initial Training Attestation Statement.

Completing both the i-STAT Recertification and the i-STAT Proficiency Acknowledgment modules will complete your re-certification for the i-STAT analyzer. Complete the Recertification before the proficiency module.

Kangaroo ePump™ In-Service  

This video describes the use of the new enteral feeding pump.

Lasting Impressions
This course explains TriHealth's way of providing outstanding patient care and customer service.
This course explains TriHealth's way of performing service recovery.

Level 1 Fluid Warmer  

This 10-minute video reviews the set up and use of the Level 1 Fluid Warmer.


This program is intended for those who work in the Emergency Departments with the Lifenet Alert system.

MaxPlus Clear videos:


These are instructional videos on the use of the MaxPlus Clear device.

Nursing Bedside Shift Report   This course describes the correct way to give nursing report at the end of the shift.
Patient Association Application  

This course provides an overview of the  Patient Association Application which is an automated process for associating the Alaris PC unit/pump to the patient for reporting information for IV infusion charges.

  Patient Education Using the Teach Back Method  

The Teach Back method is an evidence-based process for improving teaching and learning in the hospital setting. Using the Teach Back method at TriHealth will better prepare our patients for returning home, decreasing readmissions.

Payment Bundles, New TriHealth Initiative   An explanation of the initial roll-out for Payment Bundles at TriHealth.

Perinatal Premier video (16 minutes)

This video demonstrates how to improve individual and team performance using the TeamSTEPPS process.

Pharmaceutical Waste Compliance Program  

The Rx Compliance training and implementation program is documented proprietary confidential and privileged material which is the sole property of Stericycle, Inc.and is for use by TriHealth affiliates.

Pleurx Drainage System video  

This 12-minute video reviews the use of the Pleurx Drainage System.

Posey Self-Releasing Roll Belt video  

This 2 minute video reviews the correct steps for applying a Posey Self-Releasing Roll Belt.

Precedex video  

An overview of the use of Precedex.

Proper Handling of Controlled Substances     This course describes the process for disposing of controlled substances per nursing policy.
Pyxis (BD) ES MedStation ES v1.5 Clinician Workflow     This course provides instruction on how to use the new BD Pyxis ES System v1.5 device.
Radiation Oncology Safety Education  This course provides safety education for all team members working in Radiation Oncology

Restraint and Seclusion for Ancillary Departments  

This course defines restraint and seclusion, describes the difference between restraints and restraint alternatives, explains best practices for caring for patients in restraints and when to notify the RN of changes in the patient's condition.

Rotoprone Therapy Inservice  

This video provides instructions on the proper use of the Rotoprone Therapy bed.

Safe Step Huber Needle Set  

Instructions for the Safe Step Huber Needle Set.

Sage Mouth Care System  

This video provides a brief inservice on the SAGE mouth care system.

SOAR Standards: Always Behaviors Video   This video demonstrates the Always Behaviors expected of all TriHealth Team Members.

StatLock Foley Catheter Stabilization Device  

StatLock Foley Catheter Stabilization Device was designed to secure indwelling urinary catheters in place reducing foley catheter movement and minimize accidental dislodgments. TriHealth has begun utilizing this device, replacing the Dale Foley Catheter Holder. Here is a video regarding the procedure of applying and removing the device.

Stroke Recognition and Survival- B.E. F.A.S.T This course provides information on the signs and symptoms of a stroke. 

Stryker Evacuation Chair video  

This video reviews the use of the Stryker Evacuation Chair which is used for evacuating patients down stairs and out of a multistory building with the use of one or two people.

SureSigns VS3 Vital Signs Monitor  


These videos review the use of the VS3 Vital Signs monitors used throughout TriHealth.

Tegaderm IV Advanced Securement Dressing  

This is a 5 minute video showing the application and removal of the 3M Tegaderm IV Advanced Securement Dressing. This dressing is available in the outpatient settings.

Temporary Pacemaker: Medtronic Model 5388 video (16 minutes)

This is an instructional video on the use of the Medtronic 5388 pacemaker.

Test Taking Skills  

Proven techniques to improve success in taking any credentialing exam.

The Preparation and Application of the Stockinette Sling  

This 4 minute program demonstrates how to prepare and apply a stockinette sling. Dr. Frank Welsh.

Trach Tube Care:  

  1. Trach Care (8:00)
  2. Changing Velcro Ties (5:24)
  3. Suctioning (9:42)
  4. Closed Suctioning System (3:39)
  5. Inflating/Deflating Cuffs (2:23)
  6. Plugged Tubes - Locking (5:06)
  7. Plugged Tubes - Snapping (1:35)

These videos provide introductory information about trach care and trach care competencies.

Transport Tracking System  

This video provides information on the Transport Tracking System, which schedules patient and item transports at the Hospitals. Read the instructions and then watch the video.

V.A.C. Buttonology Training Program  

A basic overview highlighting the Info V.A.C. Therapy System Buttonology.

Valuing Diversity and Inclusion (4 minutes)

Introduction to Diversity at TriHealth.

VanishPoint Syringe WBT Overview of how to properly use the VanishPoint Syringe

Ventilator Review:  


These videos provide general information about oxygen modalities, BiPAP and the Puritan ventilator used at TriHealth - presented by Deb Clifton, Respiratory Education Coordinator.

Voalte One Instructional Guide  Instructional Guide PDF
Voalte Messenger Instructional Guide  Instructional Guide PDF

Zassi Bowel Management System video  

An overview of the use of the Zassi Bowel system

Zoll Monitor/Defibrillator Overview for Critical Care and ACLS These videos provide an overview of the Zoll Monitor and Defibrillator for Critical Care and ACLS
Zoll Monitor/Defibrillator Overview for Medical/Surgical and Ancillary Departments These videos provide and overview of the Zoll Monitor and Defibrillator for Medical Surgical and Ancillary Department team members

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