Emergency Services

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You’re more than just a patient, and we’re more than just an ER.

It wasn’t just one pea. It was a dare to see how many peas he could fit in his nose. After the fourth one, Joey started to panic when he realized they weren’t easily coming out. That’s what brought him to the emergency department at Bethesda Arrow Springs. Our state-of-the-art, 24-hour emergency department is ready for anything. We handle emergencies on-site or, in rare cases, we stabilize a patient and arrange transfer to Bethesda North Hospital. As part of the TriHealth system, we share the same board-certified physicians, specially trained nurses and respiratory therapists.

Personlized, high quality care from people you trust

Features include:

  • Immediate care for stroke patients
  • Treatment for medical conditions, illnesses, falls and industrial accidents
  • Care coordination - board certified physicians, advanced practice providers, highly-educated award winning RNs, pharmacy, all working together
  • MyChart - a fully integrated medical record system, ensuring informed, accurate, quality care throughout the TriHealth system
  • Support of comprehensive outpatient services including imaging, lab, pharmacy, and primary and specialty care offices and institutes on site
  • Close-knit community of staff who are passionate about helping patients and creating a comfortable environment and positive experience
  • Special services for rape victims provided through TriHealth’s Center for Abuse and Rape Emergency Services (CARES), by SANE-trained registered nurses

Comprehensive Diagnostic Services

Our Emergency Department has access to comprehensive diagnostics, including CT scanning and MRI, at all times. With the support of advanced information technology, your records and test results can be available immediately at Bethesda North should you require transfer and admission to the hospital. If you are transferred to the hospital, our staff can call ahead and book a room for you, so there’s no waiting when you arrive.

We are physicians, hospitals and communities working together to help you live better.