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An injectable agent that destroys fat cells, Kybella® is injected directly into the fat beneath your chin to remove “turkey wattle” or double chin.

  • General statement: Kybella is an injectable agent used to dissolve fat. It is approved for use in the submental, aka “double chin,” area. Often patients require multiple treatments to achieve their expected results.
  • Why? The double-chin is a difficult area to improve. Kybella injections are a non-surgical method to dissolve this fat and provide a more contoured neckline.
  • Are you a candidate? You are a candidate for kybella if you have excess superficial fat created an obtuse cervicomental angle or double chin.
  • The procedure and recovery: The procedure involves a series of injections. Often patients will need to undergo several rounds of treatments. After the injection you can experience some swelling in the neck area that eventually resolves.
  • The results: Kybella dissolves fat under the chin and provides patients with improved jaw and neck lines.

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