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HARP will be closed March 30, 2020- June 30, 2020.

The High Acuity Readmission Clinic (HARP) at Good Samaritan Hospital wants to make sure that our patients have things that they need to help with a successful recovery and improved health.

The HARP clinic serves the needs of inpatients with no primary care physician (PCP) or with a non-TriHealth PCP, by assuring immediate, timely follow-up post-discharge to try and prevent unnecessary re-admissions to a hospital.

TriHealth Hospitalists who are Board Certified in Internal Medicine provide follow-up care to patients in each clinic, helping patients with their care after a hospital stay and, if necessary, to help find a new primary care physician moving forward.

HARP can:

  • help you with medication refills
  • make follow up appointments with your specialist physicians
  • make adjustments in your treatment plan
  • answer your questions about tests that you had done in the hospital or tests that you have scheduled after your hospital stay
  • and help with any new problems that may develop

Good Samaritan HARP
3219 Clifton Avenue
Suite 330
Cincinnati, OH 45220
513 862 4229

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