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For total hip and knee replacement in Greater Cincinnati, look no further than the Good Samaritan Hospital Orthopedic Center of Excellence. Good Samaritan’s hip and knee replacement programs were the first in the area to receive the Gold Seal of Approval from The Joint Commission. This award recognizes the programs for their compliance with The Joint Commission’s national standards of care specific to the needs of patients and families, including program leadership, infection prevention, pain management and patient satisfaction.

The Good Samaritan Orthopedic Center of Excellence focuses its efforts on hip and knee replacement. Joint replacement surgery for these areas replaces or resurfaces the bones in a damaged joint to create new joint surfaces.

Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery may relieve pain caused by arthritis or injury and increase range of motion in the hip. Good Samaritan offers both traditional and less invasive hip replacement including both the posterior and anterior approach. A complete examination scheduled with one of our surgeons will determine which option best meets your needs. Health Library: Hip Joint Replacement
Hip Replacement Surgery  

Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgery can relieve pain in a knee that has been severely damaged by arthritis, injury or simple wear and tear. Most people who have total knee replacement surgery experience improvement in knee pain, range of motion and the ability to perform the activities of daily life. Good Samaritan offers partial, traditional and less invasive knee replacement. Some patients are candidates for early arthritis intervention and may benefit from selective resurfacing of only the arthritic section of their knee. A complete examination scheduled with one of our surgeons will determine which option best meets your needs. Health Library: Knee Joint Replacement
Knee Joint Replacement Surgery  

Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder replacement surgery is not as common as hip or knee replacement, but can be just as effective in relieving pain, increasing range of motion and improving strength in the shoulder. Two common types of shoulder replacement are traditional and reverse. Health Library: Shoulder Replacement
Shoulder Replacement Surgery  

Shoulder Repair

The shoulder is the most flexible joint in the human body. However, that flexibility makes this joint susceptible to instability and injury. Surgeons may use arthroscopic surgery – using a camera and surgical instruments inserted through tiny incisions – or open surgery to repair shoulder joints and tendons. Health Library: Shoulder Repair
Shoulder Arthroscopy (ADAM)  

Minimally Invasive Options

The Good Samaritan Orthopedic Center of Excellence is an active user of minimally invasive orthopedic surgery tools and techniques.


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