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Advancing Technology

While McCullough-Hyde Hospital does reserve a portion of its budget for equipment purchases, it relies on the Foundation for additional funding for equipment and technology. In the last 15 years, the Foundation provided:

  • Partial funding for the three-year hospital-wide, Health Information System, an integrated electronic health record system linking patient records within the hospital and with physician offices.
  • New microscope, centrifuge and refrigeration equipment for the laboratory.
  • A computerized order-entry system for physicians, allowing for faster, more accurate testing and results for patients.
  • A critical care ventilator for the respiratory department.
  • The beautiful new Wilfried Leder Oncology Center.
  • Hospital-wide cardiac monitoring system.
  • Computer-aided mammography software for more accurate cancer detection.
  • CT Scanner which provides more detailed imaging views, including cross-sections, than x-rays. CT scanning is more effective than an MRI.
  • Telemedicine system utilizing the internet so that radiology images can be viewed anywhere and anytime. The technology is especially beneficial in emergencies when consulting radiologists are not on duty or when images need to be sent to other facilities/departments in advance.
  • Computerized IVs for preventing IV infusion errors that occur in conventional pumps by monitoring and logging the infusion process.
  • Fetal monitors for detecting and preventing potential birthing complications by monitoring and recording baby's heartbeat and mother's contractions.
  • Cell counters that perform essential blood cell counts in the Oxford and Brookville, Ind., laboratory departments.
  • Blanket warmer for patients on the inpatient care floor.
  • Safe patient handling equipment and training which allows staff to move patients more easily and carefully, especially disabled and obese patients who are unable to move themselves.
  • Diabetes education classes and supplies for uninsured diabetic patients.
  • Four glucose meters and docking stations for the Lab.
  • A critical care bed for the ICU.
  • A birthing bed for the OB unit.
  • Rehabilitation equipment for Physical Therapy.

Educational Success and Needs

Foundation-funded education programs provide staff with new patient care skills and training for new technology and equipment. Your support of the following education programs is welcome.


The Professional Development Assistance Program (PDAP) Fund provides the opportunity to pursue professional degrees and certifications in health care for aspiring health care workers and current hospital team members desiring to further their careers. In return for financial assistance for their education, PDAP participants commit to a specified term of employment at McCullough-Hyde.

PDAP participants not only receive financial assistance for their education, but are guaranteed a job after successfully completing their education.

Since its inception in 2001, PDAP has provided more than $1,000,000 to train 80 individuals. In 2012, five health care professionals were trained in nursing and physical therapy through the Professional Development Assistance Program.

Click here to learn more about the program.

The PDAP Fund underwrites the program; your gifts are welcome.

Larry Kist and Daniels' Family Scholarships

The Kist and Daniels Scholarship Program has awarded 100 scholarships totaling more than $59,750 since its inception in 2001.  The three scholarships were created in honor of retired CEO Richard Daniels, and in the memories of his deceased son, Christopher, and longtime hospital pharmacist, Larry Kist.  The Kist and Daniels scholarships are awarded to team members who are completing advanced degree programs or adding to their professional skills.  Scholarship recipients have completed certification training or degree programs in disciplines as varied as wound healing certification, a masters degree in nursing administration, bachelors degrees in nursing and physical therapy, and a surgical nurse assistant.


If you are interested in supporting any of the above education or equipment needs, please contact Mary Bennett at 513 664 3850 or or give online now.

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