Donor Recognition

Our donors are recognized in our ANNUAL DONOR REPORT, which is mailed to all donors early each summer and depicts the previous year. This publication lists these individuals and the names of those memorialized and honored. A recap of how the FOUNDATION used these donated funds is also included.

Donor recognition levels

Donor Recognition

The graphic to the right explains the cumulative giving levels upon which the Donor Wall listing is based. For instance, donors who have cumulatively given $12,000 are placed in the Patron category and are listed on the Patron panel of the Donor Wall. Each giving level is listed on a separate panel on the Donor Wall.

In addition, the DECADE SOCIETY recognizes all donors on the Donor Wall who have given to the hospital for 10 years or more. The VISIONARY SOCIETY recognizes donors who have made a planned gift through a will, life insurance policy, or a deferred trust. The SUSTAINING DONOR category recognizes donors who have committed to a recurring gift of at least $500 annually.

Donor Wall

Donors who cumulatively give more than $250 in a single calendar year are also listed on the hospital's Donor Wall. The wall is organized by cumulative giving levels ranging from Friends ($250) to the Philanthropist Society ($500,000). DECADE, VISIONARY and SUSTAINING Donors are recognized on separate panels. The Donor Wall is updated each spring to recognize new donors and donors who have moved to a different giving level. It is located across from the Founders' Fountain off the hospital's main lobby.

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