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McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital's policy is to provide financial options and assistance to those patients who lack the financial ability to pay, to those who do not have hospitalization insurance, and to those that have balances due including deductibles and co-payments. Payment is expected at the time of service. All attempts will be made to establish what will be owed in order to advise the patient of the amount due when services are rendered. Patients will be provided multiple options in which to pay their account balances.

If payment cannot be made in full at the time of service, financial counseling will be provided to help the patient qualify for payment arrangements or financing alternatives.

True to our tradition of caring, McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital may be able to discount your bill 10 percent to 100 percent based upon your family income.

  • Upon request a 10 percent discount will be granted if you can pay your balance in full. Arrangements can be made by contacting our billing department at 513 524 5602, 513 524 5603 or 800 829 2119.
  • A 30 percent discount will be granted for uninsured patients and should be applied to your first statement. If paid in full, an additional 10 percent discount may be requested by contacting our billing department at 513 524 5602, 513 524 5603 or 800 829 2119.
  • Payment plan—A monthly payment plan may be established by contacting the financial counselor at 513 524 5600 or 800 829 2119. The monthly payment amount will be based upon the balance due. Contact must be made with the financial counselor so your account can be set up on the payment plan.

Hospital Pricing

Hospital Care Assurance Program (HCAP)

If your annual income is below the National Poverty Guidelines, McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital has a program that can help.

2018 Annual Federal Poverty Income Guidelines

  • Family Size 1: $12,140
  • Family Size 2: $16,460
  • Family Size 3: $20,780
  • Family Size 4: $25,100
  • Family Size 5: $29,420
  • Family Size 6: $33,740
  • Family Size 7: $38,060
  • Family Size 8: $42,380

For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $4,320 for each additional person.

To be eligible for HCAP:

  • You must be an Ohio resident
  • You are not a recipient of the Medicaid program
  • Your family income is at or below the 2018 Poverty Guidelines or you are covered by the Disability Assistance Program.

Prior hospital bills

Paid or unpaid, may be covered by HCAP. Patients can apply for HCAP up to 3 years after they are notified about it. Patients should contact the hospital's billing department about prior bills, and ask to apply for HCAP—even if the bill has already been sent to collections. If a patient paid a bill but was eligible for HCAP, they may be reimbursed.

HCAP Care Assurance Application

Indiana residents or patients who do not qualify for HCAP may qualify for additional assistance discounts.

McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital offers additional discounts to patients who do not qualify for HCAP. The discounts are based on income and number of dependents in your household. To see if you qualify please contact our financial counselor for assistance. Call 513 524 5600 or 800 829 2119.

Refund policy

  • McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital will refund over payments accurately and timely.
  • Refunds under $10 will not be issued to patients unless a written or verbal request is received from the patient/guarantor.
  • Any overpayment received as a result of billing error will be promptly repaid to the appropriate payer after discussion with the director of patient financial services.
  • To request a refund contact the billing department at 513 524 5602 or 513 524 5603.

Online bill pay

  • For easy access, we are happy to offer online bill pay by credit card or e-check.
  • We accept all major credit cards.
  • You will need to access your account number found on your billing statement.

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