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Diabetes Healthy You is a program designed to allow you to get all your recommended health screenings at one time, while learning how to better care for yourself.

The program is for individuals with the diagnosis of diabetes who:

  • See their primary health care provider on an annual basis
  • Have a good basic knowledge of their disease process and how to manage their diabetes
  • Are busy individuals who would like to get all their screenings completed at one time

The program includes:

  • Recommended laboratory tests (if not done within the American Diabetes Association time frame)
  • A healthy breakfast
  • A visit with a registered nurse who specializes in diabetes care. During your visit you will receive a diabetes foot exam and review the following
  • Blood glucose testing
  • Medications you are currently taking
  • Vaccination records
  • Laboratory test results
  • Answer questions
  • A visit with an exercise physiologist who will develop an exercise plan with you. Most importantly, it will be a realistic plan that you will be able to follow
  • Meet with a dietitian who is a certified diabetes educator. This is a group educational session where questions and topics of interest will be discussed. Topics for discussion are determined by the group, but usually include such things as dining out, how to care for yourself when ill, plus much more
  • A retinal exam provided by Dr. Jeffrey Collins, Oxford Family Vision Care

Once registered for the class complete this preassessment form. To complete the form, click on the link above.

Contact us

For information or to register for this program, please call our Wellness Coordinator at 513 524 5420 or askinner@mhmh.org.

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