Patient and Family Advisory Councils

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Our Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFACs) allow TriHealth to more deeply connect with our patients and their families and transform patient experiences through meaningful, open dialogue between participants and TriHealth care providers. Feedback from patients and their loved ones about their interactions within our system is a vital part of our constant efforts to improve.

How You Can Help Improve the Patient Experience

These groups, comprised of current and former patients, family members, team members, and providers, meet monthly or quarterly, on a weekday evening – and offer guidance for leaders on various aspects of their experience with our system.

Those involved help uncover opportunities for improvement in a confidential manner. Each meeting has a recorder taking notes (anonymous comments are approved). The information is then shared with the appropriate leaders throughout TriHealth for action.

This feedback is invaluable for evaluating whether we are meeting expectations and, in turn, improving patient and family-centered care.

Current PFACs

TriHealth has four PFACs:

  • Ambulatory (Physician visit)
  • Hospice
  • Inpatient
  • Perinatal


Projects Inpatient PFAC Helped With:

  • 5 Care Signage
  • Ethics Pamphlet
  • Bereavement booklet
  • Patient rooms at Bethesda North Hospital for Aesthetics Committee
  • Infection Control brochure
  • Different TriHealth policies
  • Nutrition - menu, hours, etc.
  • Billing statement
  • White boards in patient rooms
  • Tours of Bethesda North Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital
  • “Thank you” cards for patients
  • HCAHPS data from Health Stream (had many discussions on different questions)
  • MyChart
  • Safety Committee
  • GetWell Network
  • Follow up discussion for Transition of Care Council
  • “Checklist for Your Health” form for Marketing
  • Condition Care pamphlet
  • Rounding signage
  • Assisted with new café hours, Aesthetics Committee, and plan to shorten 600 ft. walk for patients in ICU area
  • Concierge Services discussion
  • Feedback on online and physical maps for Bethesda North Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital
  • Feedback on beside rounds
  • Patient handbook
  • Feedback for new Cardiac program at Bethesda North Hospital

We are physicians, hospitals and communities working together to help you live better.