Coumadin Clinic

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Please note: The Coumadin clinic is available only to patients of The Family Medical Group.

Coumadin, commonly known as Warfarin, is a powerful blood thinning medication. It must be monitored closely and routinely to ensure correct dosage and to minimize the risk of bleeding due to excessive blood thinning.

How Our Coumadin Clinic Works

We are proud to offer you complete monitoring and management of your blood thinner in our Coumadin Clinic. A simple finger prick is all that is required to determine if your International Normalized Ratio (INR) is in the therapeutic range (as determined by your physician, based on the condition being treated). If your INR is in the appropriate range (usually 2.0 to 3.0), that means:

  • Your blood is thin enough to prevent blood clots, but not too thin
  • You are on an effective dose of Coumadin.

Test results are available within two minutes, and instruction on adjusting your Coumadin dose is made before you leave the office.

Direct Supervision

Your visit will be supervised by a clinical team member, and any changes made to your dosing are done under the direct supervision of your physician. Coumadin Clinic is available by appointment only at our Glenway Avenue office.

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