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Diabetes is a chronic disease that requires life-long, daily management. At The Family Medical Group, we are committed to helping you understand and manage your disease. We offer one-on-one nutritional counseling and diabetes education with our registered dietitian, Betty Hollstegge.

Dedicated Diabetes Care

An important part of the healthcare team, Betty will:

  • Help you and your loved understand your diabetes
  • Develop an individualized dietary plan
  • Assist you in use of home glucose monitoring equipment
  • Administer your injectable diabetes medications (if applicable)

Visits with Betty are available only by appointment at the Glenway Avenue office. Both newly-diagnosed and well-established diabetics are encouraged to develop a working relationship with Betty to maximize control of their condition. All decisions made to adjust your diabetes treatment plan are directly supervised by your physician. Betty is also happy to assist our non-diabetic patients in developing a nutritional plan specifically to meet his or her needs.

Retasure for Diabetic Patients

Retasure is an advanced diagnostic retinal imaging tool, giving diabetic patients access to a simple and affordable service for a fast (less than five minutes per patient) and accurate assessment of their retinal health. Retasure gives our physicians a turnkey solution that includes advanced retinal imaging technology and clinical grading services through a state-licensed, board-certified ophthalmologist. Ask your doctor to learn more about this service.

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