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NEW! InBody Body Analysis: What are you made of?

The InBody 570 goes beyond traditional body composition analysis, measuring body fat mass, skeletal muscle mass and total body water, as well as what the measurements mean to you. With these values, you can identify and track inflammation, swelling and even injuries while monitoring changes over time.

Why are InBody results important to YOU?

  • Monitoring the amount of body fat mass you have is critical to maintaining good health.
  • Protein is directly related to intracellular water. A lack of protein can be indicative of poor nutrition.
  • Change in skeletal muscle, as the result of increased exercise and diet modifications, is the most effective indicator of health improvements.
  • An inadequate amount of muscle mass is linked to a higher possibility of contracting clinical diseases.
  • In diseased states, the body water may indicate the presence of chronic health conditions that may require medical attention/evaluation.
  • Measuring body composition changes over time can determine if modifications need to be made to the treatment plan.

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