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TriHealth Fitness & Health Pavilion has joined a global initiative called Exercise is Medicine, which promotes exercise as one of the most powerful medical interventions available.

To encourage the community to get moving, the Pavilion is waiving its enrollment fee* for any individual who submits a prescription from their physician that references a medical condition that could be benefit with exercise, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, weight issues, etc.  *Just a  one-time nominal processing fee is required to get started.

If you'd like to give the Exercise is Medicine program a try, print out this prescription form (PDF) to take to your physician, then call 513 246 2622 for an initial appointment with us.

"Tracy Littelmann has been superb in recognizing my limitations and has achieved remarkable success in a very unusual medical situation." - Richard G.

"What if there was one prescripton that could prevent and treat dozens of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity?  Would you fill this prescription?"   - Robert Sallis, MD


Balance and Stability Program

Our balance and stability program combines principles of tai chi with traditional exercises, providing each participant with an individualized program to help them improve their balance and stability. Join Jo D. Waywood, TriHealth physical therapist, for this 12-week small group class to learn the strategies needed to prevent falls and related injuries through exercise and education. For more information or to preregister, contact  Karen Sims at 513 246 2622 or Karen Sims

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