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Weight Loss Programs and Nutrition Services at TriHealth Fitness & Health Pavilion

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The TriHealth Fitness & Health Pavilion offers two structured, non-surgical weight management options. Programs are open to both members and nonmembers. For nonmembers, our weight loss programs include a short-term membership to the TriHealth Fitness & Health Pavilion during the length of the program. Find out more about three weight-loss options supervised by on-staff registered dietitians: HealthOne, LIFESTEPS and Individual Nutrition Coaching at one of our FREE information sessions.

Upcoming Classes & Information Sessions for Lifesteps and HealthOne

Learn more about the TriHealth non-surgical weight loss programs from our dietitians at our free Information Sessions.         

WINTER 2017-18    Information Sessions (free):  
Thursday, December 14, 11 a.m. and  6 p.m.
Monday, December 18, 11 a.m. and  6 p.m.

LifeSteps Winter Class begins:

Tuesday, January 9 at 6 p.m. 
Did you know that 80% of our LifeSteps class participants have increased their physical activity levels to over 150 minutes per week? 

HealthONE Winter Class begins: 
Monday, January 8, 6 p.m. 
Thursday, January 11, 9 a.m.     
Did you know that HealthOne participants have an average weight loss of 45 pounds? 

Next STRIDES class begins:
Monday, January 8 at 7:15 p.m.
Thursday, January 11 at 10 a.m.

Weight Loss Program Descriptions

    • 12-Week Weight Loss Program
    • Comprehensive nutrition program for education and guidance for healthy eating, increasing physical activity, and strategies for successful behavior change. An emphasis on personal choice, responsibility, and accountability sets this behavioral approach program apart from other weight management methods. 
    • Taught by a LIFESTEPS®-certified registered dietitian for weekly classes. Guest speakers, personal trainers & athletic trainers lead additional sessions. 
    • TriHealth Fitness Pavilion Full Membership ($80/month value)
    • Cost: Members $295, nonmembers $350, TriHealth team members $295 (ask about TriHealth subsidy). Space is limited to 15 participants per class. To schedule an appointment, call 513 246 2606 or email us.

    • 24-Week Weight Loss Program 
    • Average wt loss ~15% body weight (~ 50#)
    • Low-calorie diet for individuals with a BMI equal to or >27
    • Meal Plans consist of 4 or 5 Meal Replacements and always 3 vegetables, 2 fruits, and 64-96 oz. water daily as the requirement.  The Health One Product and use of consistent intake of vegetable, fruit, and water food and provides a signifigant, consistent, and predictable weight loss
    • Weekly small group class (~8-15 people) taught by Registered Dietitians. Guest speakers, personal & athletic trainers lead additional sessions.  The Health One group support, accountability, weekly weigh ins, and exercise component drive our participant's success.
    • Weekly Foundational topics that focus on lifestlye strategies and habits, behavior and mindset change, and adjusting the environment and thought processes behind your food choices are the key drivers to the success of this program.  
    • TriHealth Fitness Pavilion Full Membership ($80/month value)
    • Cost: $140/month + cost of meal replacements. To schedule an appointment, call 513 246 2606 or email us.
    • Medically supervised program. To enroll, lab work and a recent physical by your own physician prior must be completed prior to the start date. 


"It's a clean, pleasant, classy place. I had a fitness assessment with Justin and he was very wise and courteous. 
I'm also doing the Heath One weight loss course with Kristin and Caitlin. They are wonderful. My weight loss gives me a new lease on life
-Linda C., HealthONE Weight Loss Program Participant Fall 2017

"Lost almost 70 lbs in six month’s time (69.8 lb). No longer had to take hypertensive medication.  Weight loss is great, but nothing can replace how good I feel now!!  Nothing hurts, and the amount of energy I have to do things is one of the best outcomes!   Also, just feeling good about myself is a HUGE Win!!! I chose Health One because I needed something to be accountable to.  I was nervous coming in to the program thinking I could survive on just supplements, but it is so much more than that!  You still get to eat real food, and the amount of learning involved, not only on what to eat and when to eat but also learning about why I overeat, and how to make better choices to keep this from happening again.  It is a holistic approach to weight loss, and healthy changes, and especially a healthy lifestyle!" "What made the difference for me was 1) Accountability, coming each week, weighing in, talking about what was good.   2) Whole new emphasis on what was good, rather than what I didn’t do!   3) Also, every week being challenged to make one simple change. Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.   Why the program was successful for me?  Encouraged to stick with it, a great support group of people that met each week, and one of the world’s best and most knowledgeable  cheerleaders in our leader. She offers so many ways to help be successful in healthy living choices.  The motivation to no longer live with regrets and make the most out of this opportunity motivated me each week." Thanks to Kristen and her research and teaching, those small steps easily become lifestyle changes!!  Thank you!!"
Becky L., HealthONE Participant Spring/Summer 2017

STRIDES Ongoing Support classes:
Post-Program Weight Loss/Maintenance Program 
• Ongoing support classes for graduates of LifeSteps and HealthOne for accountability emphasizing building healthy habits, coaching, and helping you make new behaviors stick.  Research tells us that maintaining your weight loss requires ongoing attention, practice and skill refinement for a period of 2-5 years.  
• Led by Registered Dietitians
• Offered seasonally for 13-weeks 
• Cost: $134 for full 13-weeks; pro-rated options available upon entering later in the season. 

Nutrition Services:
BodyGem Metabolism Testing
• Dietitians available to calculate your BMR/RMR using the BodyGem Measurement device (as seen on Biggest Loser)
• What is BMR/RMR?  Resting Metabolic Rate, is the number of calories you burn at rest each day. Understanding your RMR helps you to closely align your health and weight loss goals based on the calories you need. 
• What does the test look like?  You will breathe normally into a mouthpiece, while at rest for five to 10 minutes. 
• Requirements for the test: For best results, you are advised not to eat, exercise or smoke four hours before testing. 
• What you will receive: You receive results immediately and may combine the assessment with a nutrition consultation with our Registered Dietitians to help understand the numbers and how to incorporate your RMR results into a sustainable meal plan. 
• Cost: $79 for a measurement only OR $104 for measurement and a one-hour dietitian consultation (available for members and nonmembers). 

Nutrition Consults
• Registered dietitians offer one-hour consultations and follow-up appointments to help you meet your individual nutritional goals. 
• Consults will help you develop strategies related to your weight, blood pressure, blood sugar control, cholesterol and overall health. You will receive education for a customized health plan and get started with a meal plan to achieve your goals.
• Cost: $80 per hour; 30-minute follow-up appointments are $40.
• Package options available: 
o One initial consult and two follow-up appointments for $145 (regularly $160)
o Four follow-up appointments for $145 (regularly $160)

Surgical Weight Loss
If you have a significant amount of weight to lose and you are considering weight loss surgery, TriHealth Weight Management is the most experienced weight-loss surgery team in Cincinnati. Learn more about TriHealth Weight Management.

For more information, email Caitlin Ottaway or call 513 246 2606.

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