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The Pavilion is a place for everyone to focus on being well and staying healthy for as long as possible. So that everyone feels respected and gets the best experience possible, please be mindful of the following:

General Rules

  • As a proponent of healthy lifestyles and preventive health, the Pavilion is a smoke-free campus and environment.
  • All programs and services will end at closing time, but members have 30 minutes to shower and leave the facility.


  • Membership cards must be presented for admission to the Pavilion and Kids' Life Center, and are necessary for daily locker entry.
  • All requests for membership changes require a signature from the member. It is member's responsibility to inform Member Services of any status changes.
  • The Pavilion provides members with the option of taking a Temporary Leave of Absence [link to form], which means you membership can be placed "on hold." Please see a Member Services Representative to review your needs and to keep complete the appropriate paperwork.
  • If you need to cancel your membership for any reason, at any time, you will be required to provide your signature in writing with a 30-day notice in one of the following ways: on-site, by certified mail, via fax or email (with a scanned signature).

Locker Usage

  • Locker rooms are accessible to members and guests ages 14 and older. Younger members must use the coed family changing rooms provided for families or the boys and girls changing rooms located off the main pool deck.
  • Towels are provided for your convenience. Please be sure to bring your own beach towel when using the outdoor pool.
  • Please shower before entering all pools and whirlpools.

Fitness Areas

  • As a courtesy to others and members and guests, please use a wipe and cleaner to remove perspiration off of equipment immediately after use.
  • Children under age 14 must be accompanied by a parent and are allowed in the gym only during family gym times.

Kids Life Center

  • With a paid child membership, children have up to 2 hours to be in the Kid's Life Center. Late charges will be assessed to your membership account at the rate of $1 per minute for each minute over the 2 hours.
  • Although Pavilion staff members do not change diapers, or feed babies or children snacks or food, the Kids' Life Center staff can provide parents with a pager so that they may be contacted if necessary.
  • Food, bottles and Sippy Cups are NOT allowed.


  • A handicap lift is available; please ask the lifeguard on duty for assistance.
  • For the safety of your child, a parent or guardian (age 14 or over) must accompany all children ages 8 and under in the Outdoor Pool.

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