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Fitness Tracking Software

ActiveLinxx is our computerized strength training equipment. Our fitness staff will get you set up on equipment best suited to help you meet your specific goals. Log in each time you work out and FitLinxx will track your progress. You can even access FitLinxx from home.

Member Forms

We recognize that life is full of changes!

The following forms are provided below should you need to make a change to your membership account. Please print and complete the appropriate form, and be sure to provide your signature.

All forms must be completed, dated and signed by the member(s) involved with any changes to the account. Completed forms must be submitted to the Member Services Welcome Center via one of the following: dropped off in person, faxed to 513 985 0918 OR via email. Membership change requests will need to be verified and confirmed upon receipt by a Member Services Representative before the requested change will go into effect. Feel free to contact Member Services at 513 246 2611 with any questions regarding completion of the forms so we can be sure to make the changes accurately or email us.

If you have questions about fees, restrictions or utilization of specific forms, please don't hesitate to contact Member Services. We are happy to assist you!

If another party wishes to be responsible for paying the monthly dues for another person, a Responsible Party Application must be completed and submitted in person at the Member Services Office on the first floor.

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