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TriHealth Fitness & Health Pavilion Member of the Month

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Kathleen Reiger

Kathleen Reiger
March 2018 Member of the Month

Long time member, Kathleen Rieger is extremely dedicated to her fitness routine. She began exercising in the TriHealth Cardiac Rehabilitation program after her husband, Rudi, was diagnosed with congestive heart failure.  The pair promptly began an exercise program to help Rudi on his path to recovery.

When Rudi completed his rehab, they both joined the Fitness Pavilion in order to continue their routine. “Joining the Pavilion really changed our life. We became healthier, made many friends and always look forward to coming here. We always see someone we know. This is our social outlet as well as our physical one,” she said.

Kathleen and Rudi have been coming to the Pavilion ever since – every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. “We are a team,” says Kathleen. “Nothing interferes with our days at the Pavilion. They are top priority for us.

Kathleen grew up in Cincinnati and met her husband, Rudi, in 1957 during a college co-op job. She teaches piano three nights per week and also volunteers as a Chaplain at Bethesda North Hospital.

“We are better now than when we first became members of the Pavilion. It has enhanced our life.” Rudi’s health has greatly improved and Kathleen has also seen the positive effects of regular exercise, including losing 25 pounds.  But it’s definitely Rudi who is her top priority. “Rudi is my main project now and I do anything I can to help make his day better.”

Kathleen and Rudi love spending time with their family when they are not at the Pavilion. They have three children and six grandchildren. They recently enjoyed a trip to Denver to visit their son.


Debbie Albright

Debbie Albright
October 2017 Member of the Month

Once a self-described couch potato, Debbie Albright wanted to make a change and decided to train for the Flying Pig. After one month of training, Debbie was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis. Her doctor recommended that she begin hydro jogging to keep moving since she was unable to walk. But Debbie was afraid of the water and unsure where to start. Her friend and Pavilion member, Diane Shepard, recommended the Pavilion to Debbie.

With encouragement from Theresa Zarobell, a Pavilion lifeguard, she started her first day of jogging in the water, while tightly gripping the edge of the pool. “Each day Theresa would check on me and encourage me to move further into the pool. It took weeks, but finally I was able to let go of the side and eventually I could take classes in the main pool,” states Debbie.

Debbie lost almost 40 pounds since she started her water exercise classes at the Pavilion and is down three sizes. Her blood pressure and cholesterol have both decreased. “I am a much happier person now, more confident and feeling better than ever!”

Debbie grew up in Colorado. She and her husband, Gerry, have two children and 7 grandchildren. Debbie has worked in banking and advertising and she has also owned two scrapbooking stores.

Over the last year, she has enjoyed the deep water and hydro run classes. While in the water, she is able to walk taller and run faster. She completed the Flying Pig Half Marathon and she is training to walk the Queen Bee this October!


Mary Nurre

Mary Nurre
September 2017 Member of the Month

On the advice of her friend and neighbor, Mary Nurre joined the Pavilion two years ago with a goal of losing 40 pounds and has loved it ever since! She took advantage of everything the Pavilion had to offer including the cardio equipment and fitness classes. Mary loves to row and bike and attends many of the water aerobics classes. Mary has lost 20 pounds and is motivated to lose 20 more! “Growing a bond with other members has been really rewarding,” states Mary. “And I can’t say enough about the entire staff of the Pavilion – everyone is so friendly!”

Mary has also made changes to her eating habits. “For me, the most important thing has been to add more fruits and vegetables to my diet. I also use a smaller plate now, which helps control portion size,” she says.

Born in northwest Illinois, Mary went to school at Vincennes University in Indiana. After college, she moved to Cincinnati and has been living here ever since. Mary and her husband, Jim, have two grown children, Keith and Matthew. She currently works in commercial real estate title insurance for Multi-State Title Agency/Frost Brown Todd.

In her free time, Mary and her husband love traveling and taking road trips. One of her favorite trips was visiting Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone Park. She also enjoyed the week spent in Washington, D.C. where they went to the Smithsonian Museums, Ford’s Theatre and Arlington National Cemetery. Jim, Mary and Matthew are currently looking forward to a trip to Tampa to visit with Keith and other family members who all live in Tampa!

Mary looks forward to continuing her journey and advises new members who are joining the TriHealth Fitness & Health Pavilion to try everything because the Pavilion has so much to offer!

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