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Vicki Moseley

December 2017 Member of the Month

There are some people for whom giving is just a way of life. People like parents, volunteers, organ donors. People like Vicki Moseley. 

One day in January 2017, at a family reunion Vicki found out her cousin’s husband, Mike Szabo, was in end-stage kidney disease and was in need of a kidney transplant. Immediately, she responded that she would do it. 

Testing showed that she’d be a good match for the transplant and Vicki began preparing to donate her kidney. She had the transplant surgery in Chicago on August 31, 2017. The transplant was effective immediately and Mike began healing.

Three weeks after the surgery, Vicki, a ten year Pavilion member, was back at the Pavilion doing yoga and three weeks after that she was lifting weights again. Vicki credits her healthy lifestyle as being one of the reasons she was able to donate her kidney and save her cousin’s life. “If you take care of yourself, it pays off,” she says. Vicki says the Pavilion community is so important to her. 

Vicki says donating her kidney gave her a new perspective on life. "I am willing to talk to anyone about my experience and encourage everyone to become a donor of some type — organ, plasma or blood. It can save lives." Organ donors, because of the thorough testing they undergo, are extremely healthy and very rarely have long-term problems. In fact, statistics show that organ donors tend to live longer than the general population.

Vicki grew up in Chicago and was transferred to Cincinnati in 1994 for her job as a Sales and Lubrication Engineer for the Castrol Division of BP. She has two grown sons, one grandson and one step-granddaughter. Her husband, John, has three grown children and eight grandchildren. 

In her free time, Vicki, a licensed Yoga instructor, enjoys teaching chair yoga to seniors. She is on the Board at Wesley Chapel Mission Center in Over the Rhine where her husband and she teach an after school science class.  Vicki and John also volunteered in Haiti to fill in for missionary families so they can come home on leave.  On top of it all, she also plays in Cincinnati Civic Orchestra as the Principal Bass


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