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jackson garn

Jackson Garn

August 2017 Member of the Month

“The family feeling of care,” is what keeps Jackson Garn coming back to the TriHealth Fitness & Health Pavilion.  Jackson joined the Pavilion in 1999 with his family, but started to utilize his membership to the fullest after returning from college at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Jackson frequently attends TriHealth, visiting five days a week when not traveling for business.  He strives to maintain a healthy lifestyle and aims to challenge his future fitness goals through the Pavilion’s diverse training options.  

While attending Moeller High school, Jackson was very active in hockey, baseball and golf but after several years here enjoying the Pavilion, he realized another passion: basketball! He loves playing basketball every week with a very tight nit group of members and gives credit to that group for his long term commitment here. Jackson organizes pick-up basketball weekly through a group text and now sees himself as the pseudo “commissioner” of the young-professional basketball players.  This passion gives him an alternative option to his workout routine on the fitness floor.  He enjoys being able to switch it up from basketball two to three times per week to traditional weight training and the variety allows him to realize his long term goals.

Jackson says the main reason why he visits the TriHealth Fitness & Health Pavilion is because of the people; both members and employees. The Pavilion is special because of team members that put the time and effort into making sure their members know how much they care. Each time Jackson walks in on the weekend, he is greeted from people like Kharen Davis, with a warm welcome and he is reminded of the personal attention the Pavilion provides.  

He appreciates how responsive team members are with any suggestions that members have and is glad to see that member opinions are valued. This also includes LaShaunda Jones, the Kids Life Center and Recreation Supervisor, who has “provided participants with excellent service as it relates to the young-professional basketball group and scheduling for the Sports Arena.” 


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