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Debbie Albright 3

Debbie Albright

October 2017 Member of the Month

Once a self-described couch potato, Debbie Albright wanted to make a change and decided to train for the Flying Pig. After one month of training, Debbie was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis. Her doctor recommended that she begin hydro jogging to keep moving since she was unable to walk. But Debbie was afraid of the water and unsure where to start. Her friend and Pavilion member, Diane Shepard, recommended the Pavilion to Debbie. 

With encouragement from Theresa Zarobell, a Pavilion lifeguard, she started her first day of jogging in the water, while tightly gripping the edge of the pool.  “Each day Theresa would check on me and encourage me to move further into the pool. It took weeks, but finally I was able to let go of the side and eventually I could take classes in the main pool,” states Debbie.

Debbie lost almost 40 pounds since she started her water exercise classes at the Pavilion and is down three sizes. Her blood pressure and cholesterol have both decreased. “I am a much happier person now, more confident and feeling better than ever!”

Debbie grew up in Colorado. She and her husband, Gerry, have two children and 7 grandchildren. Debbie has worked in banking and advertising and she has also owned two scrapbooking stores.


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