Skin Treatments

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Skin Treatments

(All skin treatments 90 minutes)

Salt Glow and Aromatherapy Body Polishing

An organic sea salt and aloe application is exfoliated with a loofah massage, followed by a fructose (fruit sugar) and aromatherapy full body exfoliation. Eliminates dry dead skin cells and stimulates circulation to the skin. Great for sun-damaged skin, dryness, dehydration, clogged pores and acne. $100

Mud Body Wrap

 Your body is enveloped in a special mixture of Dead Sea mud and wrapped in warm blankets. After you take a refreshing shower, a moisturizing lotion is gently applied to hydrate your skin. Great for sun damage, dehydration and dry skin. $112

Seaweed Body Wrap

This healing, detoxifying and skin-firming treatment deeply cleanses and tones your entire body. Rejuvenating minerals and nutrients are absorbed by the skin, leaving it soft and radiant. $100

Desert Heat Body Wrap
You will be wrapped in warm volcanic mud and this treatment cleanses the pores, relaxes the muscles, increases blood flow and circulation and eliminates toxins. Great for aches and pains. $85

Slim & Tone Green Coffee Body Wrap
Encourages the reduction of hardened fatty deposits and the elimination of toxins. $107

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