Prior to Surgery

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Discuss your upcoming procedure with your physician. The prospect of surgery can be stressful; we want you to know what to expect.

A nurse from the Center staff will call to discuss any existing medical condition and/or current medications that you may be taking. She will give you instructions to follow. It is important for the comfort and success of your surgery that you do so. If you do not receive a phone call, please call us at 513 961-7740 at least 24 hours prior to surgery.

You will receive anesthesia instructions to follow. Again, it is important for the success of your surgery that you do so.

  • If you take blood thinner, be sure to inform your surgeon.
  • Do NOT eat or drink anything after midnight before your surgery unless your doctor or anesthesiologist instructs otherwise. Food, liquids, water, candy, gum, mints and chewing tobacco are all included in this restriction.
  • Do not smoke after midnight before surgery.

What to Bring and Wear

  • Insurance cards
  • List of current medications
  • Inhaler, if you use one
  • Insulin, if you are an insulin-dependent diabetic
  • Contact lens case, if you wear contacts
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing and low-heeled shoes so that it is easy to dress following surgery. Sleeves should be loose enough to fit easily over bandages. (Clothing will be stored in a locker during the procedure.)
  • Do NOT bring jewelry or other valuables. If you have a ring that will not come off the operative hand, please go to a jewelry prior to surgery and have it removed.

Under Age 18

Parent(s) or legal guardian must accompany patients under the age of 18. They are required to stay at the Center during surgery and recovery. Parents will be asked to remain in the waiting area while the child is prepared for surgery. Prior to surgery, they will be able to join their child once he/she is ready.

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