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TriHealth Advanced Gynecologic Surgery Endometriosis

Get Relief from Endometriosis Pain

It’s Stressful

Pain can be scary. Uncertainty weighs on your mind. Painful sex strains relationships. You wonder, “Will I need surgery? Will I ever get relief?”

Fortunately, the answer may be closer than you think. Located in Cincinnati, OH, we help people just like you every day.

A New Experience

In some cases, patients come to our practice enduring prolonged pain and struggling to find the right treatment options for them. At TriHealth Women’s Services Advanced Gynecologic Surgery, we take pride in listening to patients without interruption, remaining attentive throughout your entire visit, and in ensuring you are included in the decisions that affect your health. As experts in our field, we work to get you home quickly and to ease pain as soon as possible so that you are able to continue enjoying your life.

What’s the Difference?

At TriHealth Advanced Gynecologic Surgery, our first focus is a complete evaluation. At times, we find areas of endometriosis that have been overlooked. We strive for complete excision as our first surgical choice for patients. Combining a thorough evaluation with complete excision, our team can give you back the confidence you need to get relief from endometriosis.

We avoid traditional open surgery. Most patients avoid laparotomy. Drs. Namaky & Patel routinely use laparoscopic surgery to get you home the same day. The typical recovery time is just 2 weeks. We also provide medical therapy as a treatment option, allowing some patients to avoid surgery altogether.

Join Others Who Have Found Relief

Take the first step toward getting your life back. Call 513 862 1888 to book an appointment with Drs. Namaky & Patel today.

Symptoms of Endometriosis

  • Painful periods -- Cramps or pain in your lower belly may begin a week or two before your period. Cramps may be steady and range from dull to severe.
  • Pain during or after sexual intercourse.
  • Pain with urination.
  • Pain with bowel movements.
  • Long-term pelvic or low back pain that may occur at any time and last for 6 months or more.
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding or bleeding between periods.
  • Infertility (difficulty getting or staying pregnant)

You may not have any symptoms. Some women with a lot of tissue in their pelvis have no pain at all, while some women with milder disease have severe pain.

Causes of Endometriosis

Every month, a woman's ovaries produce hormones that tell the cells lining the uterus to swell and get thicker. Your uterus sheds these cells along with blood and tissue through your vagina when you have your period.

Endometriosis occurs when these cells grow outside the uterus in other parts of your body. This tissue may attach on your:

  • Ovaries
  • Fallopian tubes
  • Bowel
  • Rectum
  • Bladder
  • Lining of your pelvic area

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