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A happy and healthy delivery -- it's what all expecting families want. But you also want reassurances and a personal connection along the way. TriHealth Women's Services Midwife Care in West Chester offers a highly personal approach to maternity care that is both fresh and time-tested. Working closely with physicians at TriHealth Comprehensive OB-GYN, we offer exceptional care from conception to delivery, fully backed by the TriHealth maternity system.

With deliveries at TriHealth Bethesda North Hospital, TriHealth midwifes will be with you every step of your journey.

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Midwifery - a Unique and Personal Approach to the Childbirth Experience

  • Recognizes the woman as a unique individual in the context of her family and community and honors the new family by involving them as much as possible in the labor journey
  • Supports and protects the normal physiologic process of labor and birth with intermittent fetal monitoring, skin-to-skin contact after delivery and more
  • Establishes the woman as an active partner in her own care and provides for a continuous presence during the labor process

Whether you choose to go through childbirth naturally in the hospital or you elect an epidural, the midwives are there to support you in your decision and your preferred birth plan. Further, should complications arise, our midwives are backed by the TriHealth system of maternity care which offers expertise in high-risk pregnancy care and complications and neonatal intensive care.

Beyond pregnancy care and childbirth, midwives are also licensed to provide primary care, gynecology care and family planning, preconception care, postpartum care, and menopausal care.

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