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Whether you’re an employer interested in offering on-site wellness services, or a busy woman who wants to take care of your health, the TriHealth Women’s Services Van makes scheduling your annual mammogram convenient and hassle-free.

Corporate scheduling

As an employer, you understand how important it is to have a healthy workforce. Providing team members with convenient options to take care of their health speaks volumes in showing your commitment to them. One way to do this is by offering on-site mammograms through the TriHealth Women’s Services Van.

  • For corporate venues, an authorized representative from your company should contact the mobile mammography coordinator at 513 569 6565 to schedule a day and time for the van to provide service. In order to schedule the van, at least a half day is required (i.e. 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.).
  • A scheduling website will be set up specifically for your company and a web address will be forwarded to the designated company representative for distribution amongst team members.
  • Scheduling by phone is available for those with limited Internet access.
  • Promotion of the screening event will be handled by your representative. Fliers are available upon request from the mobile mammography coordinator.

Community scheduling

Churches, grocery stores, health clinics, nursing homes and other community venues are just some of the places the van will visit for screening events.

  • There are two ways to schedule a mammogram on the van – online or by calling 513 569 6565

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