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Though Nurse-Midwives are known primarily for their pregnancy and childbirth expertise, they also provide a range of other women’s health services. Licensed nurse-midwives provide limited primary care and work with women throughout their childbearing years and past menopause, including routine gynecologic checkups. They prescribe medications, order tests and make referrals to specialists.

TriHealth offers midwifery services through many of our physician offices and two dedicated midwifery practices.

TriHealth Nurse Midwives | Delivering at Good Samaritan Hospital

3219 Clifton Avenue, Suite 210
Cincinnati, OH 45220

Call 513 751 5900

With deliveries at Good Samaritan Hospital, TriHealth Nurse Midwives offers comprehensive midwifery services.

TriHealth Nurse Midwives provides ongoing health care to women from adolescence through childbirth to maturity. Our goal is to help you become a stronger advocate for your health. By partnering with you, we customize our care to meet your unique personal preferences for physical, emotional, spiritual and social support through our growing community resource network. We focus on education and respectful guidance to give you the tools necessary to make your own decisions about what works best for you.

TriHealth Women’s Services Midwife Care | Delivering at Bethesda North Hospital

8020 Liberty Way, 2nd Floor
West Chester, OH 45069

Call 513 853 7400

With deliveries at TriHealth Bethesda North Hospital, TriHealth midwifes will be with you every step of your journey.

A happy and healthy delivery -- it's what all expecting families want. But you also want reassurances and a personal connection along the way. TriHealth Women's Services Midwife Care in West Chester offers a highly personal approach to maternity care that is both fresh and time-tested. Working closely with physicians at TriHealth Comprehensive OB-GYN, we offer exceptional care from conception to delivery, fully backed by the TriHealth maternity system.

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